Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cavs got 2 stars and a quasar

Rich Bucher just released his All-Quasar team (players who are very valuable to their playoff contending team, but have no chance of making the all star game)

The Cavs Robert Traylor made the list, as did former Cavs Chris Mihm and Bob Sura. I guess you could count Brenden Haywood as a former Cavalier, but we traded him in about 5 seconds on draft night for Michael Doleac. Nice

I've been a big fan of Traylor all season and he has turned into a fan favorite (I always say, fans love fat players). He rebounds extremely well and he always brings energy on the floor. I must say, Tractor has impressed me with his passing, I never realized how good of a passer he is, watch a game sometime, he makes at least 3-4 good/great passes a game.

It's good to see Sura and Mihm getting some love, sometimes just getting on the right team and really help a players career. In his rookie year, after Z went down (again), Mihm averaged something like 18 and 8 when he started, but he then hurt his back. After that he could never get regular minutes because Iggy was healthy from there on out.

I like Sura, even though I'm pretty sure he fake bakes. He's a good passer and a steady influence on the floor. When he was here Fratello never let the team run the ball even though they did have some atheletes (Sura, Terrell Brandon, Bobby Phills), but Sura just never found a right (winning) team. Some guys can never get on the right roster (I'm convinced Brevin Knight could help a contender if given the chance), but then others, Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper and (in my opinion) the best at picking his teams, Danny Ainge (Boston, Portland, Pheonix). Ainge always seemed to be in the playoffs.

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