Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Random Thoughts Draft Preview Extravaganza

For the love of all things holy, please don't take either Roy Hibbert or Kosta Koufos.

This marks the end of the Random Thoughts Draft Preview Extravaganza.

(there's also been some Bobcat rumors and Warrior rumors. I have no idea who the Bobcats would give up for the 19th pick and the Golden State rumor was Al Harrington for Varejao)

(also, I'd bet good money that the Cavs end up with a second round pick before Thursday comes to an end)


Erik said...

Mickael Pietrus is one of the few Warriors I would be interested in. That list does not include Al Harrington, and certainly not for Andy.

NBAdraft.net has the Cavs taking Marreese Speights out of Florida as of Tuesday morning. Pardon me while I do a DeSagana Diop freakout. I know all the plusses on Speights -- great athleticism, high ceiling, learned from Noah and Horford as a frosh. All great.

But Speights is just too raw for my liking. The Cavs can't afford to draft raw players and develop them. They need at least a quasi-polished player who can help them win right now.

I'd take Koufos or Hibbert over Speights or another undersized wing player. What is the fascination with Brandon Rush and Chris Douglas Roberts that Cleveland fans have? Didn't the endless stream of of Luke Jacksons and Shannon Browns teach everyone that the Cavs suck at drafting swingmen?

I know Koufos and Hibbert are pegged as too soft and not athletic enough. But so is Z, and he's made a good career for himself because he's tall, he knows how to use his height and he can shoot. So can Koufos and Hibbert.

Give me a skilled, polished big over a raw prospect with pogo-stick legs and potential right now. The time for project players was four years ago. Not anymore.

Patrick said...

Erik, I haven't read much of any about Speights being raw. On the contrary, it seems reports indicate he's one of the most NBA ready big men in the draft, but lacks some combination of determination and intelligence (which are good reasons to shy away from him).


I don't care who Ferry takes, just don't screw it up. If that's too much to ask at #19...tough sh*t.

Erik said...

OK< maybe raw is too extreme an adjective. But when I read stuff like this on NBAdraft.net (from February of this year):

"Struggles to create offense for himself ... Really has a ways to go in developing reliable post moves "

...I just don't know if I want a guy like that. The Cavs already have a slew of bigs like that.

Or at the very least, if someone is going to turn his nose up at Hibbert for being an undermotivated softie, they'd better cast a skeptical eye to Speights.

Ben said...

see, I'm all for an athletic, raw big man. someone who can jump (think pick and roll alley-oops) and board. that's it. i guess this is why i learn towards speights.

i understand why fans want CDR or Rush, but i don't trust a young swingman playing big minutes A) next to LeBron and B) in Mike Brown's offense. that takes some getting used to...

The Other Ben said...

I have to go with Ben on this one. I like Speights mainly due to his productivity. Florida ran a high tempo offense, but 14/8/1.5 and shooting at a 62% clip is pretty good, especially considering he averaged only 24 minutes this past year. If not him, then I think you draft Hibbart or make a trade to move up in the draft for more proven talent so long as Ferry doesnt give away assets that would help us land a big FA.

jay said...

They can't trade with the bobcats due to matching the contract offer andy. at least they can't trade andy to the bobcats until dec. I think brandon rush is much more than luke jackson or shannon brown. He is athletic a good shooter and an excellent perimeter defender. So I think he would fit just fine and think they should trade up to get him. However I do agree...just don't screw it up.

Erik said...

Anyone, Cavs fan or otherwise, give your prayers to Brian Windhorst. He's in the hospital fighting double pneumonia, which as far as lung infections go, is a sonofabitch to deal with.

It's difficult to fight off when healthy. When you're immune system is compromised, it's fatal more often than not. So just pray that Brian is strong enough to pull through and get back to writing about the Cavs, what he does better than anyone.

Ben said...

agreed. all good thoughts to BW