Tuesday, December 09, 2008

84 K - 66 IP

Yes, please:
The Cleveland Indians are close to getting their closer.

The club has offered free agent Kerry Wood, the former Chicago Cubs starter-turned-reliever, a two-year contract, a person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the sides are still working through details at the winter meetings in Las Vegas.

Wood, who has had numerous injury problems in the past, needs to pass a physical before the deal can be completed.

I like this a lot, at least they'll have a closer with, you know, "closer stuff". That's my analysis, go see DiaTribe for actual knowledge.


erik said...

I'd still like to have Trevor Hoffman, even if they land Wood. Hoffman can still close, and he could be a great mentor for Jensen Lewis.

But I have a feeling this will be the one big bullpen addition. The remaining cash will be spent on an infielder and starting pitcher.

Ben said...

.... or a right handed bat? please? anyone? right handed bat with some power? no?

erik said...

Adrian Beltre? His name keeps creeping up in assorted rumors and discussions. He's making a crapload of money, but he's a middle-order RH power bat who can fill the hole at 3B.

The M's might unload him for pennies on the dollar in terms of prospects, if they're interested in just trimming some salary.

Less desireable, but also a possibility: Miguel Tejada.

Ben said...

i think they're both on steroids. has Beltre ever been implicated? i've always assumed he was juicing.

i'd take a flier on Beltre.

and getting Hoffman (signing two closers?!) would probably be a sound decision.

Anonymous said...

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