Friday, April 02, 2010

FINALLY, an ESPN that focuses on New York

Not surprisingly, there are some stories about LeBron coming to the Knicks (if you're surprised or outraged by this, you haven't been paying attention). One is ridiculously pro New York and other is written by the Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst. I'd suggest reading the pro New York article first and follow with Windy. I did the opposite and, I'll tell ya what, Ian O'Connor's case for New York City scares the crap out of me (short version: LeBron, you could be Babe Ruth).

Right now, I'm leaning towards him staying, but I really have no idea (obviously). At the end of the day, I just can't see him leaving a Championship team to go start over somewhere else.

So no pressure, fellas.

These playoffs could very well be the death of me.


Phil Y. said...

Shouldn't the bigger headline be that Reggie Jackson openly agreed that 2-3 NY titles trumps 4-5 Cleveland titles(One of the most irresponsible things said by one of baseball's all time greats)?!? Isn't this bigger news then hopeless speculation about the decision Lebron makes 3 months from now???

Ben said...

On one hand, I can see what he's saying. I mean, which team is more celebrated, the 1970s Knicks or the 1990s Rockets? Both have two titles.

On the other hand, if LeBron wants to go down in history as one of the greats, it's gonna because of the number of titles he won, not where he won them.

davemanddd said...

i am just absolutely appalled at the utter arrogance of the pro-new york article. this isn't major league baseball where there is no salary cap and the yankees just simply outspend everyone else for the top players like mark texiera and cc sabathia while the indians have to continually sift through the scrap heap for the likes of bums like russell branyan.

talk about stacking the deck.

this is the nba where there is a salary cap and the proviso that a player's incumbent team can offer the most money and more years on a contract than any other potential suitor, should they choose to do so and believe me, the cavs will choose to do so. it's why michael redd was able to stay in milwaukee and ray allen was able to stay in seattle, albeit before he ended up in boston via trade, but that's beside the point.

the reason why some stars still end up switching teams is simply because some teams just aren't willing to pay the piper for that max contract to be able to keep their star player. needless to say, that will not be the case with lebron and the cavs.

thankfully, windhorst was there to lend some balance to the equation and while he still talked about lebron potentially leaving, he at least provided both sides of the ledger, both pro and con whether he should stay or go.

i find it interesting to note that the pro-new york writer made it a point to get in a dig at lebron's friend, fellow global icon and multi-gazillionaire warren buffett who has proven it over and over again that you don't need all the bright lights of new york or any other big city to be a global icon and make the most money at what you do in your profession. i have to believe that lebron knows that at this point new york needs him more than he needs new york. we can only hope. go cavs!!!