Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did you fine them for the Minnesota game too?

Because no one showed up for that game either:
Scott said he wasn't allowing players to use a snowstorm as an excuse for arriving late to Wednesday's game at The Q. About half the team arrived only about 30 minutes before tipoff, and a few had to abandon cars and run the last few blocks to the arena. "Our players were late getting here, and it didn't excuse them," Scott said. "They're all still getting fined."
Um, good, I guess? Rule of law!

I dunno I can't really fault the players too much, I've been late for work a few times this week due to the weather (or dumb people driving in said weather).  I guess it's good that the players are aware that they'll be held accountable for everything they do, be it getting to the arena on time or helping out on a weakside rotation. 

Plus, it's not like Cleveland's winter is going to be getting better any time soon.  These guys (like the rest of us) are going to have to learn to give themselves a little more time to get to work.