Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Booing LeBron

I'm getting sick of Cleveland fans being scared. Here and here. I watched that entire game. The Cavs sucked that night; they played like shit. I was yelling at the TV all night, the defense sucked, the offense sucked and they were missing free throws.

And, for the first time, LeBron sucked. He played like crap. I was yelling and moaning the entire game, it was awful. I'm not surprised the fans booed, I'm really not. The entire team stunk it up. Thats what annoyed fans do: they boo. And when LeBron missed something like 8 free throws in a row, they booed.

I understand it, they were frustrated, but watching the game, I didn't really see the booing as directed at LeBron, I saw it as a reaction to how the team played that entire night: sloppy and uninspired. In fact, thats how Terry Pluto saw it too:
Q: What about LeBron being booed?

A: I was at that game and sensed the boos were from frustrated fans aimed at the entire team. I don't think it was that personal against LeBron, and I don't think LeBron took it that way.
But I saw Wilbon ripping on Cleveland fans for booing and I've seen articles pleading that Cavs fans shouldn't boo LeBron, cause he might leave.

Cleveland fans are so scared. We are. Don't anger LeBron, he might leave. I'm pretty sure LeBron isn't basing his decision on leaving Cleveland on a mid-February game in 2006, where A) the Cavs lost B) they lost bad and C) he only score 4 points in the second half and was something like 8-18 on free throws.

Would I have booed? I doubt it. But I do yell a lot when I'm at games (hell, even when I'm not). I would've been voicing my displeasure as well; pay 50 bucks for a ticket, pay for parking and drinks and then my favorite team comes out like they don't give a shit. And the MVP of the All-Star game misses more free throws than I do? I'd have been yelling stuff too.

(Side story, I went to a Cavs game the year before they got LeBron (tells ya what kind of fan I am huh?) and Ricky Davis got a 10 second half court violation, vs the Warriors. It was awful, that should never happen, ever. So it's all quiet, like Gund Arena used to be, and I yelled really loud "You Suck!" and I swear to God all these people turned and looked at me, like "why are you yelling at a basketball game"... ah the good old days. Then on the ride home Ron Harper was on the Cavs postgame show and they asked him to show his championship rings. He obliged and said he was bummed that he got traded and they didn't have a chance to make a run here... I wanted to puke)

I still think the Cavs are going to right the ship before the year is out and make the playoffs. People are just itching to pounce on last years collapse and the fact that they had the same record at the all-star break.

Hopefully the Cavs will have a fire under their ass tonight when they play the Kings.

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