Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I don't even know how to describe last nights Dallas-Golden State game. That was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Period.

Big shot after big shot (after big shot, etc). Golden State being down big (21), then storming back and actually taking a 9 point lead with three minutes to go. Then Dirk just manning up and nailing some 3s in the last two minutes (15-0 Dallas run to end the game). Golden State having a Cavalier-like offensive possessions down the stretch. Stephen Jackson getting thrown out because... well, I'm not sure.

It seemed that every time Golden State hit (yet another) back breaking 3, Dallas would storm back down the court and drill one themselves. Baron Davis was ridonkulous; throwing an alley-oop from half court, nearly getting his pocket picked and then swishing a desperation 3 with one second left on the shot clock...

I can't even explain how great that game was. So I'll let others: True Hoop, Deadspin, Golden State of Mind, Yaysports, Basketbawful and NBA FanHouse.


KykeMasterDrunkAss said...

Yeah, that about sums it up. I agree: one of the best bball games EVER, playoffs or regular season. On a side note, ive been drinking 3 philophers cherry lambac. As the name implies, its an ale brewed with dark cherries. 9.8% alcohol. Ben, go find this absolutely delectable beer.

FYI if you are in cleveland again, hit me up. Bier Market on the west side is AMAZING. Pure beer bar; they have at least 40 canadian/belgian beers youve never heard of and are all delicious!(the aforementioned 3 philosophers included)

Anonymous said...

Game 4 was better..

Ben said...

game 4 was awesome as well... but I was drunker for game 5