Friday, June 15, 2007

Game 4 and such

Just an FYI, I'm at Bonnaroo.

The plan was to watch Game 4 from the movie tent.

And, that didn't work out.... and it's not even my fault (I was there and sober!). The satellite box got fried last night around 7:50 (CT) and we missed the entire game. I'd have a whole list of thoughts and such if I knew anything at all about what went on. But I don't.

Though I do know that they lost. I'm not too upset about it (you can definitely put me in the "just happy to be here" camp) because the devastating loss was Game 3. After you get down 3-0, you can't really be upset when you lose.

Well, I'm off to watch the Kings of Leon (I'm currently in the beer lounge (Broo Tent) listening to a polka band play Bob Dylan's Rainy Day Women #12 & 35). Ya... I'm not taking this loss too hard...

Check back later this weekend for pictures.

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