Monday, June 04, 2007

This and That

I have a longish post brewing, but for now, here are random thoughts...

Remember that guy (Greg Boose) who ripped Branson Wrightin a "Hey, Branson!" column (I mentioned it here)? Well, he also got kicked out of LeBron's birthday party a couple years ago. Well done good sir.

Terry Pluto always sounds amazed that LeBron is even exists. I know how he feels.

Charley Rosen has to compliment the Cavaliers and it seems half hearted at best...

Rosen also calls Detroit a brief dynasty. Ridiculous. I'll let the Cavalier take it:
We have no idea why people treat this as if a dynasty has been dethroned or something. The recent Pistons were a good team that won ONE (1) title and went to ONE (1) other Finals. Hell, the Rockets won 2 straight in the 90s and nobody gave them near the “aura” this DET team was given.
Speaking of national media members I loathe, has anyone seen Skip Bayless since LeBron dropped those 48 points on the Pistons? I hate that guy.

Great long piece on Daniel Gibson (lemme toot my own horn here, I was all about this kid before the season even started).

If these don't get you in the mood for the Finals... you have no pulse.

and a couple personal notes:

Thanks to those who have emailed me about watching the game and listening to Joe Tait at the same time. I still haven't figured anything out quite yet (for those who are wondering, I have Direct TV with Tivo hooked up). The issue is that the radio is quicker than the satellite, meaning I just can't pause the Tivo and let the radio catch up. There is a product out there built specifically for this problem. However, it costs $150. But who am I kidding, I'll get to hear Joe Tait rather than whatever schlub ABC throws out there. $150 is a small price to pay for never having to hear Mark Jackson again (though that may happen whether or not I spend buy this).

Speaking of spending money I don't have... I'm trying to find a ticket for Game 3. If anyone out there has a hook up or extra ticket, drop me an email (don't worry, you'll get paid one way or another. Be it money, sexual favors or simply basking in my presence). I'll be damned if the Cavs are going to play in the Finals and I won't make an attempt to get in. The plan right now is to try to scalp after the first quarter (I work til 9 that night, but in Brook Park, about 10 miles from The Gund, I shouldn't be too late). Unfortunately (sorta) Game 3 is the only game I'll be able to attend as I'll be at Bonnaroo during Game 4 (and 5, if necessary), meaning I won't be able to attend any Yaysports! Read Summits if held after Game 3.

But don't worry dear reader, I'll still be doing game recaps during the festival. I'll be bringing my laptop and Bonnaroo has wi-fi and a movie tent set up that will be showing cult movies, concert flicks and NBA Finals games. Now, I can't promise how coherent these recaps will be, but if you've ever wanted to read Cavalier basketball analysis done by a guy tripping on mushrooms (that doesn't involve Bill Walton), now is your chance (just kidding Mom!).


Erik said...>1=10136

The above story is worth a read for anyone who thinks Kobe Bryant is higher on the NBA food chain than LeBron James.

Think about it: LeBron trusted a 6'-2" rookie to help him reach the Finals. Kobe can't trust Lamar Odom. The only reason Kobe has three rings is because of Shaq, a guy he couldn't stand.

Kobe is a great scorer and he has the Jordan dagger-mentality. But he does not make his teammates better, he is not a good leader, and he is apparently not a champion based on his own merits.

You have to ask: If you take the Shaq years out of the equation, will history find that Kobe and Tracy McGrady are really all that different?

Ben said...

Ya, never underestimate the power of Shaq

graham said...

hmmm...that Kobe-Tracy comparison is interesting. My guess is that Kobe won't win another championship unless he gets another Hall of Famer. Which, makes LeBron's achievement so far greater than Kobe or Wade's in my opinion.

Ben, I can't believe you're gonna be at Bonnaroo for the Finals. I hope it doesn't suck to watch the games there, because it seems like it might really suck having to do that. Hope it all works out. At least you're gonna hear some great, just checked out the lineup. Wilco, White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Tool, Wolfmother.

Yikes, if you haven't seen the Kings of Leon make sure you see them. Just saw them in Denver and they were phenomenal.

Anyway, if we get game 1 or 2, we're gonna win the series. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. The national media hasn't seen the Cavs that much and just assume the Spurs will beat up on them. That is not gonna happen.

Ben said...

I watched the Mavs-Heat there last year and it worked out quite nicely. There were a surprising amount of people there (at least IMO).

As for the bands, I'm not sure who I'm more excited for, The White Stripes or Kings of Leon. I'm also looking forward to Tool, the Hold Steady, the Police, Ben Harper, Ratdog, Franz Ferdinand, Cold War Kids, Dr Dog....

Danger said...

Thanks for linking that up, Ben!

It also appeared on's TrueHoop column that day!