Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jazz, Kings and Podcasts

I was working and then with the snow and other various issues, I could not watch Mo Williams pour in 43 points last night. Apologies all around. I haven't seen a second of it.

As for the Jazz game, I was oot and aboot and for that I don't apologize (I had a really shitty week last week, with that car wreck and all).

On a brighter note, I feel really good about our latest podcast (in which we discuss the Cavs' West coast trip, basketball broadcasters, the Browns and other various foolery). Podcast no. 5 had some technical difficulties, but it can be found in all it's glory right here. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Dude everytime I come to this blog I see a new excuse as to why you didn't watch the game.

Ben said...

I know I know, I suck.

The thing is, I'd rather have these apology/excuse posts than no post at all, eh?

See, I like to watch games in-depth... I like to really watch the game trends and stuff (which is why I think people even read m stuff).

nd for some big games (for example), my friends always do shit at bars and stuff. Which is fun for Ben (fun viewing experience), but not good for Ben's mediocre writing career. (but I'll also miss games for various family or work reasons too. It's not just me drinking or something).

What it basically comes down to is this: I'd rather have no post (or an apology post) up than a half-assed recap. If I only see after halftime or if I miss large chunks of the (and don't have time for tivo) then I don't want to have to bullshit a post (wasting both your and my time).

Sometimes Real Life happens and blog stuff gets pushed aside. If people want shitty (shittier?) recaps after games, by all means I can do that.