Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is unreal

Wow. What a fucking game. (Is it weird that even though I'm pissed-and trust me, I'm pissed- I'm blown away by these games. What a series).

While the Cavs are on the brink, I don't think they're done just yet. West and Williams played much better and Cleveland showed they can hang with the Magic in Orlando. If nothing else, this should give the supporting cast a little confidence, no? And they're returning home (where the fans have already given up hope) so maybe they'll play a little looser... eh?

At some point I just gotta tip my hat to the Magic, they keep finding ways. Rashard Lewis has hit some monster shots over the course of these four games. They're role players are playing out of their collective minds.

What the Cavs have to tell themselves is that they can play well in Orlando. If they can take care of their home court, they can take another shot at a game in the Magic Kingdom. They were close tonight. And from there, you just pin your hopes on a "anything can happen" Game 7.

Obviously, things are bleak. But they Cavs aren't done yet.

(I refuse to feel self pity.... for now).


Graham said...

Problem is the Cavs need to play near flawless ball, while the Magic seem to have a lot of room for error. It is pretty amazing how clutch the Magic have been this series, but then again, maybe its not when you consider some of the looks ORL gets throughout games. Our defense really has no answers.

And why do we have LeBron go away from the post after he murders the Magic to pull us ahead in the 4th? We're up 1 with 40 seconds and the ball and we have LeBron dribble and pull up from 20 feet. I'm not blaming LeBron because the guy is absolutely unreal, but that is just regrettable.

I'd love to see the Cavs put some heat on the Magic just to see how they respond, but I feel they can turn it on whenever they want and pull out a victory (the Magic that is).

Ben said...

The reason the Cavs build big leads is because LeBron goes to the post. The reason the Cavs came back was because of LeBron in the post.

The reason they faltered down the stretch was because the offense became "LeBron dribbles for 20 seconds 25 feet from the hoop". At point... just dammit

Erik said...

So what are we learning from this series, boys and girls? The Cavs need someone to play in the post full-time.

The Cavs have the same needs they had last summer. They need a younger, more athletic low-post player who can compliment LeBron's game. The Magic are a pick your poison team. Focus on stopping Howard, or focus on stopping their mad bombers. It would be nice if Orlando had to pick between stopping LBJ or stopping a 20-10 PF/C.

Think Philly might still look to deal Elton Brand?

Ben said...

anyone else wishing for a healthy JJ Hickson right now?

graham said...

The sad thing is that Rashard Lewis can't hang in the post. He's a glaring weakness on defense but we can't capitalize with AV, Ben and Z out there.

If their is one bright side, it might make LeBron realize how critical it is to get a post game. Its been far too long.