Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back from Bonnaroo

This was the first year ever where I didn't watch any NBA while at 'Roo. I got to completely ignore Orlando falling back to Earth and the Kobe love-fest. Ya... not exactly complaining. I would've gone nuts (now you miss free throws Dwight Howard?!). Ugh.

As for Bonnaroo... me gusta. I saw Phish play on Friday for the first time and I have to say, I was really impressed. They were really good and I had that lightbulb click on in my head and though "Oh, that's why people follow these guys around."

They also played Sunday night and, while they were still good, it just wasn't quite there. They really brought it on Friday night.

However, my favorite Bonnaroo discovery was Grace Potter and the Nocturns. They came out during a late night moe. set and were fantastic. I can't find video of that set, but here's a clip from their own 'Roo set:


Erik said...

I watched about four minutes of the NBA Finals, grand total. Outside of Game 3, it wasn't that competitive, anyway.

Talking about the Magic running hot and cold from downtown, I think the Magic were confident against the Cavs, then got to the Finals, realized they were in the Finals, and went knock-kneed.

(BTW, I assume you got pr0n from my Facebook account. Sorry about that. I was hacked. My account is inactive on indefinite hiatus.)

Anonymous said...

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