Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I like this

Cavs are about to make a mid-season pick-up:

According to a source, the Cavs have the framework of a contract completed with free agent forward Leon Powe. It could become official as early as Tuesday, when Powe is expected to come to Cleveland to meet with team doctors.

Powe is in the middle of recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee and may not be able to return until the All-Star Break. But the Cavs feel like he's worth the wait.

The sides have been talking for weeks and were able to agree on a two-year contract, which will protect both sides. Powe will get a chance to rehab with a deal and the Cavs will be protected if he recovers as they apparently believe he will.

The 6-8 three-year veteran averaged 7.7 points and 4.9 rebounds for the Celtics last season. He proved valuable when Kevin Garnett went down with injury and played an important role until he suffered the injury during the playoffs.

The Celtics could have kept Powe's rights, but they declined to make him a qualifying offer in June because he's had several injuries to the left ACL. They had hoped to be able to re-sign him when he was healthy, but the Cavs were able to put together a more attractive offer.
If I'm not mistaken, I'm fairly cartain that Powe and LeBron played together on some kind of AAU or McDonald's squad.

I really like this move. Powe gives the Cavs an extra, experienced big man to come off the bench and he's been through the playoff battles. Yes, he's coming off an injury but come playoff time (which is what really matters) he gives the Cavs another big man to throw at KG and Dwight Howard.


Geoffrey said...

and this allows J.J. to play during the year, and in theory Leon Powe comes when the games start to matter. More time J.J. has on the floor, the better.

Erik said...

LBJ and Powe were AAU teammates back in the day.

I do know that they loved Powe in Boston enough that fans gathered petition signatures to try and convince Danny Ainge to keep him. A number of Boston fans are really pissed that Ainge cast him aside.

Of course, with three ACLs and microfracture surgery in his left knee, Ainge was within his right to proceed with caution. But props to Danny Ferry for jumping into the fray.

The thing I really like about Powe is that he seems to have a knack for stepping up in big games. The Celtics simply do not win the NBA title in '08 without Powe's contributions. And he was solid in relief of KG this past year, right up until he hurt his knee again.

Powe might never be an NBA starter due to his knees. He might only average 7 and 5 over the course of a season. But if you need someone to step up with 22 and 11 in the biggest game of the year, Powe seems to have a knack for doing that.

You need guys like Powe if you're going to win an NBA title, so even with his knees, he's worth the risk.

Dude is also a Laker killer, so that's a nice bonus that might pay dividends next June.

Anonymous said...

with apologies to that late great announcer jack buck, "excuse me while i stand and applaud". this was by far one of the boldest off-seasons in danny ferry's tenure as cavs gm and the signing of powe is just the icing on the cake. i had said at the trading deadline last season that the cavs were going to regret not trading wally-contract come playoff time and i was sadly correct. there was nobody to come here and provide any playoff spark for the cavs and it came back to bite them in the butt against the magic. it looks like powe will be that guy this season. we can only hope. go cavs!!!

Anonymous said...

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