Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's 1:30 AM, so I maybe I'm dreaming

But I'm pretty sure I just saw the Cavs beat the Warriors with LeBron dominating the post and playing center. Yikes.

James finished with 37 points, 8 boards, 11 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks. God damn... just... god damn....

He's scary good in the open court, he artfully set up his teammates and he was a beast on the low block. I'd usually be more excited for his wonderful post play but I need to see it more often. Dominating the post, in the middle of January, against a notoriously bad defensive team is one thing. Doing it on a consistent basis (especially against the Bostons and Orlandos of the league) is what deserves praise. (Though in post game comments, Mike Brown said LeBron "demanded" the ball the post. So that's a good sign.

Shaq had 13, Andy had 15 (Varejao was great), Z scored 14 (he hit another three) and Jawad Williams scored a career high 11. The Cavs bench outscored their Golden State counterparts 52-11. Well done boys.

I'm tired as hell but that was a fun win. The Warriors' running style makes for a lot of exciting plays (god forbid the Cavs force a team to adapt to their style). G'night.


geoffrey said...

Cavs were playing volley ball at the rim with Andy and Z in the game together, crushing them on the boards, and weren't getting killed on the defensive end. Yet crunch time Brown moved to a lineup with Lebron at center to match up with the Warriors, which I guarantee that they have never practiced. Not surprisingly, the lead dwindles. Shaq and Z had 1 foul apiece. Why can't one of the 7 coaches that have notice this?

Balex T Rex said...

That was an intesting game. I DVR'd it, fell asleep watching it at 12 AM,and woke up at 2 AM to watch the rest. Thank God for DVR...i was writing a live blog of the game, so that saved it.

Enjoy it here: