Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scary Backcourt

The Cavs are one of the teams interested in Kevin Martin:

Executives around the league will be watching closely, with many teams hoping to land Martin by the February trade deadline should the Kings make him available.

League sources indicate Houston, Toronto, Cleveland, Phoenix and Dallas are among those keeping watch.

The Kings, who are believed to be looking for a significant frontcourt addition, have given no indication they intend to move Martin.

Imagine a backcourt of Mo Williams and Kevin Martin. The shooting, the scoring, the speed, the absolute lack of defense....

Don't get me wrong, I'd love Kevin Martin. He's 26, he's from Ohio (Zanesville!) and he averaged nearly 25 points last season. I'm all for adding young, talented players to this roster.

However... He's not good defensively and he doesn't do much else besides score, averaging 3.6 boards and 2.7 assists last season.

I do believe that the Cavs need a shooting guard but I think it's imperative he can play good (if not great) defense. They need a big athletic wing who can guard the NBA's elite players so LeBron doesn't have to (think Ron Harper, Ariza, Bowen, etc). Anthony Parker could be that guy, but I'd be more comfortable if he was 4 years younger (I just don't think he can keep up with the quicker guards) and Delonte West would be absolutely perfect if he was 3 inches taller.

I wouldn't poo-poo a Martin acquistion but I don't think he's their most pressing need.


Erik said...

If a guy isn't considered a good defender, my first question is always "Has it ever been asked of him?"

Great defenders are usually not born, they're made. Unlike offense, which emphasizes a player's God-given natural talents to run, jump, pass and shoot, defense is more about technique and desire.

My guess is the Kings haven't exactly been all about defense the past few years. So there is no telling exactly what someone with length and athleticism like Martin would be able to do if he found himself playing for a coach that constantly harps on defense, like Mike Brown.

Not the point of the post, I realize, but some food for thought.

Ben said...

Even if Brown can make Martin a decent defender, he still doesn't have the size and strength to deal with the Paul Pierces of the league IMO.

Like Mo Williams before him, I do think that Martin would improve defensively if he came to the Cavaliers.

I just don't know what his ceiling is with regards to the defensive end (to be honest, I haven't exactly caught a lot of Kings games).