Friday, February 05, 2010

10 in a Row

The Cavs, with LeBron James starting a point guard (where's Dajuan Wagner?) have just won their 10th game in a row and their record stands at 40-11. You know what their record was last season at this time? 40-11.

Think about that. After all the early season questions (I mean, people seriously lost their shit after that Toronto loss) and tough schedule (all the 4-in-5s and back-to-backs), Cavs have matched the pace of last season's 66 win team.

Would anyone out there take last year's squad over this current one? I know I wouldn't.

(For what it's worth, I didn't set the VCR last night and I only caught some of the third and all of the fourth. Not exactly an exciting finish).

This is why I'm so torn on the trade deadline. For some time now I've been saying that while the Cavs should make a trade, they don't have to.

Obviously, I understand why people want the Cavs to make a deal. The Cavs showed last season that having the best regular season record doesn't mean jack come playoff time. You couple that with the fact that the Cavs sat on Wally Szczerbiak's expiring deal and some fans are convinced that Cavs must make a move.

I get all that. I really do. But this team is different. Last year's team had significant matchup problems with other elite teams, this year's team doesn't have that. And letting go of Wally is a tad easier to swallow than parting with longtime Cavalier Zydrunas Ilgauskas (both emotionally and basketball-wise). While both were role players, Z is Shaq's backup and a nice insurance policy in case the big fella goes down (or do you trust a Cleveland team to stay healthy for the playoffs? We don't need another Jim Chones situation).

The best case scenario is the Cavs getting someone like Antawn Jamison or Andre Iguodala for Z's contract and then having Washington or Philly buy out Z. But from what I've read, teams seem to be asking a lot from Danny Ferry (Indiana wanted Z, J.J. and multiple picks for Troy Murphy. HAHAHAHA). The thinking goes that since LeBron can walk this summer, the Cavs will be eager to make a deal that put them over the hump and other team can take advantage of their supposedly desperate situation.

But that's the thing, the Cavs shouldn't be desperate. Obviously, I'd love to add a player like Jamison, Iguodala or Amare Stoudemire, but I don't want Ferry to feel like he has to. The last thing I want is some panic trade. Just because you stood pat last season and didn't win it all doesn't mean you're doomed to lose this year if you fail to find a trade. Name me a team that the Cavs matchup poorly with? There's no team out there like Orlando last year that creates a mismatch at three different positions. The Cavs are versatile, they're flexible and they beat the good teams.

The Cavs top win streak is 11. Their next two games are against the Knicks and the Nets. I will be seriously disappointed if they don't get to 12.


Erik said...

On the Cavs pregame on WTAM last night, Danny Ferry said he'd be "mildly surprised" if they made a deal. So we can probably put the percentage at less than 50 that any type of a deal gets done. Which is pretty common for any team around the deadline. Lots of talk, most of it goes nowhere.

The most compelling reason to make a trade actually has little to do with this season. Because of the shrinking cap and the Cavs' spend-now, win-now philosophy, Z's expiring deal is likely the last chance they'll have to make any type of a significant addition until the summer of 2011. Once the trade deadline passes, their cap figure is pretty much locked in for the next 18 months.

Z, LBJ and Shaq all have expiring contracts, but the Cavs are so far over the tax threshold, it offers no real relief to lose that salary. Then you factor in that you're going to be offering LBJ more than $20M a year and Shaq/Z both have cap holds, and the Cavs won't be flexible this summer without getting really creative.

Geoffrey said...

Other GMs are making the decision easy for Ferry: What they are asking for are so outrageous, Ferry doesn't even have to think twice about making the deal: The answer is an immediate "No".

Look around the league: Houston has a mega expiring contract for a guy who isn't even playing, and they haven't made a deal yet. A lot of Western teams really like Caron Butler, but the Wizards are prob asking too much for him just like Jamison.

It just seems like GMs are so scared about making a bad deal, they are just making their offers as ridiculous as they can so they come out clear winners, or they don't do them at all. GMs don't get scrutinized nearly as hard for deals they don't make opposed bad deals they do make.

What the Wizards are doing are just laughable. Same with the Pacers. Windhorst said they are asking for a unprotected first round pick for Brandon Rush for god's sake!

Erik said...

Also, the Cavs' top win streak is 13, reached last season. It was 11 before that.

Ben said...

I could've sworn it was still 11. What can I say, I'm not a good blogger

davemanddd said...

erik's right, 13 is their longest winning streak. they actually tied their previous high of 11 earlier in the season and then followed that up with winning the 13 straight before losing 2 straight to the wiz and orlando on back-to-backs nights. with shaq, ap & jamario this time around, they would have had a 15-game winning streak or longer then. thank gawd they got 'em this year instead of wally contract, sasha pavlowhathefuckishethinkingvic and the artist formerly knowns as ben wallace.

Ben said...

I think we think down on Ben Wallace because of how ineffective he was in the Orlando series. Yes, he was old but he also was coming off a broken leg. He's been decent this season.

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