Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good News

Delonte West might be back tonight:
The best team in the NBA is beginning to get healthy.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, riding an 11-game winning streak, could get guard Delonte West back in the lineup Tuesday against the New Jersey Nets.

He missing the last eight games with a broken left ring finger, leaving the Cavs without their top two point guards.

Starting point guard Mo Williams, out with a shoulder injury, said Monday he expects West to play. Coach Mike Brown wasn't as confident because he hadn't received final clearance, but that could come at Tuesday's morning shootaround.

Delightful. It would be nice to have him get his feet wet against a team like the Nets as opposed to a team like the Magic. They'll probably need West on Thursday night, especially if Vince Carter still thinks it's 2001.


davemanddd said...

nope, no d-west tonite. i don't get it either. the least they could have done is let him play a couple minutes to test out the finger in preparation for their next game against orlando. now i would rather not see him play at all on thursday either & just let him continue healing until after the all-star break and then when he does come back, still let boobie be the starter.

Erik said...

I'm getting to the point where I actually don't mind Gibson starting in place of Mo and Redz. Gibson is starting to create his own scoring opportunities, he can pull up and hit shots in traffic and his energy level is great. He's becoming Mo Lite.

Even if Redz comes back for Orlando, I'd still bring him off the bench and let Gibson continue starting until Mo comes back.

Cavs are 9-0 with Gibson in the starting lineup. Maybe that's not directly attributable to Gibson, but he's not hurting the team by starting.