Friday, November 11, 2005

Cy Youngs

I don't totally disagree with the Bartolo Colon AL Cy Young win. Some people do.

For the NL, if I had a vote, I'd have given it to Clemons.

Although, this whole 'a pitchers wins don't matter' vs 'a pitchers wins are all that matters' arguments are getting out of control.

While it's true that pitchers can't help what the rest of their team does, so if they give up 1 or 2 runs, but their team scores 0 or 1, then they pitched very well, but got unlucky. So I understand the talk for Santana and Clemons. But at the same time, pitchers are pitching in a vacum. A few runs given up early is different than a few runs given up late. If the Astros take a lead and Clemons gives it up the very next inning, those runs hurt a lot more than if he gives up a run here or there when he's spotted 5 runs.

I understand all the baseball stat stuff, I really do. But I think theres a limit to what you can measure. I tend to agree that most clutch hitting averages the same (over time) as a players normal batting average. However, if its a big AB, you'd rather have Derek Jeter up than a wide eyed rookie. Or Bip Roberts. So while I agree that the Win is overrated, I just don't think that it is completely useless. I dunno.

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