Tuesday, November 15, 2005


What a game last night. That was a great Monday night game. If you couldn't enjoy that, then stop watching football.

Personally, I think McNabb is done for the year. He's too hurt, the team is too messed up, theres so much shit going on there. He needs the surgury, its that simple. They aren't winning with him playing hurt, might as well get it over with.

Interestingly, both McNabb and Bledsoe had killer interceptions last night, just killer. Bledsoe was being sacked and just threw it away (poorly) and it led to (seemingly) the game clinching touchdown. What an awful throw.

But McNabb may have pulled off a worse one. McNabb didn't even see the defender, threw an out rout to nodbody and Roy Williams took the ball right in for a score. We were at the bar, so there wasn't much game sound, I can't even imagine what the stadium sounded like. I'm sure you could hear a pin drop.

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