Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That whole Charlie Weis 10 year deal

Jason Whitlock thinks it's racist.

Now, I kinda agree with Whitlock on this, but it's not that simple. And maybe it's not race at all, I dunno, but it doesn't look good.

The fact remains that Willingham was Notre Damn first black coach. He also happens to be the first Notre Damn coach that was didn't get to complete his first contract (he was fired after 3 of the 5 seasons).

Charlie Weis comes in, takes all of Willingham's players and scores a lot of points. Starts off worse than Willingham did during his first year. Then gets a 10 year deal.

Again, is it race? Probably not, at least its not the simple 'I hate blacks/I love whites' line of thinking. But, if nothing else, it looks bad.

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dominick said...

doesn't matter ... weis won't stick around ... the 10 year contract is meaningless, since he'll go to pro coaching next year or the following year. college is just a vehicle to getting the job he really wants.