Saturday, December 24, 2005

Browns - Steelers

Few thoughts from the "game" today:

1) Thank you CBS for showing the Steelers fans the entire game. I understand once the game is out of hand, but from kick off, all I saw was Steelers fans. Thanks

2) Continuing on that note, is there a good looking female Steelers fan? I have yet to see one

3) For all you dumb Browns fans who though the Browns could go 9-7 this year: you're retarded. This team should look to be 7-9 NEXT year. Playoffs are still a long way off.

4) Frye showed signs of good things, but also showed that he's a rookie. It didn't help that his first couple passes were dropped, so he started pressing early.

5) How many times did the Browns run the ball in the second half? 3? 4? This led to the Steelers blizting like mother-fuckers. Hey, rookie qb + no line + all pass plays = good times.

6) Hey Romeo, they're blizting from the outside, look into it.

7) What happened to the defense that gave Carson Palmer trouble? The Steelers had whatever they wanted, ground and air, all day long

8) Aaron Shea and Steve Heiden are different people. Just a heads up for next week CBS.

9) How bout that running game? At least the browns got their first 1,000 yard rusher in 20 years.

10) It never fails to amaze me that players STILL try to tackle Bettis by the shoulders (the Steelers first TD). How bout trying for the legs? Can we try that?

11) This team has a severe lack of talent, all over the field. That could be because of those sweet Butch Davis draft classes. And lets not forget Chris Palmer and Dwight Clarke.

12) The O-Line still stinks, though its not terrible, I guess thats an upgrade. The D-Line is still terrible, and that I place on the previous GMs, Courtney Brown AND Gerrard Warren. Awesome.

13) I miss Braylon Edwards

14) I don't miss Quincy Morgan

15) Man, that game really put me in the mood for Christmas, have a merry one.

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