Sunday, December 18, 2005

Iraq Pullout and Such

Bush says a pullout of Iraq would help our enemies. I'm not really sure what that means, but at this point I'm all for whatever gets less Americans killed.

And the way I see it, we have three options.

1) Send in enough troops to overpower insurgents and have the amount that the experts and generals said we needed, not what we got.

2) Leave today, tomorrow, yesterday. Get the fuck out now and don't turn back.

3) Stay the course. Keep not having enough troops or enough armor. Maybe eventually we secure the country, I dunno, but there's no real end in sight.

What do I think will happen? #3 of course. I think #2 would be good also, if only because no one has got the politcal balls to do #1.

Option 1 requires raising taxes (or at least not cutting them) to pay for the military equipment and more soliders, possibly a draft. This is the most likely way to get 'victory.' However, theres no way this country will let its politicians send MORE troops over there.

And since we won't do option 1, I say we do option 2, I guess you could call it "Cut and Run." Cause with option 3 nothing is really getting done and our troops are overwhelmed and we are still getting losses. And we're basically in a civil war right now. Or we get the fuck out with no more American losses. Cause I prefer no losses to some.

(and by the way, this isn't saying the soliders aren't doing a great job, its that their hands are tied. They need more men and more supplies. If I was told to write a ten page paper in 1 hour, I wouldn't/couldn't finish it. It wouldn't be because I was a poor writer, it was because I didn't have tools I needed to write a 10 page paper.)

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