Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lots of Artest-Cavs Stories


Look, here's the thing, the Cavs HAVE to enquire about Artest. Just have to. I believe the only untouchables are Z and LeBron (though not in that order). Besides that I think anyone if fair game, but it would take a lot to trade Hughes.

But is Artest better than Hughes? I think so, but he IS a bit more crazy. If the Cavs really want Artest its probably going to take some kind of Hughes, Gooden and Jackson combo. Do I do it in a second, no. But do I see if I could talk with Artest before I make this trade for him? See how serious he is about coming to Cleveland? Yes.

And don't get me wrong, I love Hughes, but I do think Artest (non-baggage) is better than him. The issue is, is Artest worth it. I think yes. Even if its just for a little while, just to show some defensive intensity. To show the guys what real hustling is all about. Plus, Mike Brown has coached him before.

It would be interesting to see where he ends up (I wouldn't bet on Cleveland).

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