Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Is our players learning:
Hughes actually has been on a bit of a hot streak offensively the past three weeks. Hughes has scored in double figures in seven consecutive games, averaging 19.7 points in that span. Nine of the 16 times he has scored in double figures this season have come in the past 10 games.

The difference recently is that Hughes has been mixing up his jumpers with drives and it has gotten him higher percentage shots and more trips to the foul line. Before this 10-game run of solid play, Hughes got to the foul line just 15 times in his previous 17 games.

In the past 10 games, Hughes has been to the line 53 times. Which is an advantage, because he's shooting 83 percent at the foul line this season.

''It makes the game easier when I can get to the line,'' Hughes said. ''I've been getting the same shots for the last few games and not settling for jumpers.
This is all I ask for. Hell the 'Hey Larry Hughes...' site isn't called, it's all about his shot selection. If he improves that and is aggressive, then he's no longer worthless and outrageously overpaid (just kinda overpaid).

If Hughes could play within himself and not force jumpers, the Cavs could be lethal come playoff time.

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