Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cavs will get their first win before the Browns

This team looks worse than awful. Here's the Browns upcoming schedule, I see no reason why they won't be winless at the Bye Week.

Oct. 4th - Cincinnati
Oct. 11th - @ Buffalo
Oct. 18th - @ Pittsburgh
Oct. 25th - Green Bay
Oct. 27th - Cavs season begins (vs Celtics) <-------
Nov. 1st - @ Chicago
Nov. 8th - BYE WEEK

Ugh. I don't see which game they're gonna win. The best chance for a victory seems to be next week. That's it.

Sans injury, I'm not sure today's game could've been worse. I felt it was a little bit of a quick hook for Quinn (I mean, he gets what, 10 quarters?) but if Anderson had stepped up, it would've been fine. Instead, he threw 3 picks, sacked himself and threw a ball off of a running back's heel.

This is a mess.

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davemanddd said...

sad but true. at this point, the browns have already turned into the indians as a "don't waste your time" viewing option. i actually slept the whole afternoon and feel very refreshed. when do the cavs start training camp??? i can't hardly wait.