Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 Quarters

Alright Brady, you had your chance, now it's time for more interceptions!

This team is a joke. Apparently I have a different definition of 'nice job' than Coach:

Three interceptions in one half. He tripped over his own feet for a sack.

Nice job.


The BEEZE said...

D A is overrated...As is Mangini!

It doesn't matter who the QB is...this team stinks!

Geoffrey said...

Part of me is thinking that Mangini is trying to send a message that he doesn't believe that either of them can play. He would be getting a free pass this year if the Browns had drafted a QB for the future and everyone half expected the offense to struggle cuz of a rookie, not struggling with two guys who in theory should be succeeding

Anonymous said...

go cavs!!!

The Other Ben said...

If anyone wants to see some good takes (I know you post over there dave, I am RickNashEquilibrium) head over the TCF forum. Classic banter going on with SD (pro-Anderception) and basically everyone else.

Anonymous said...

You can say whatever you want about DA (literally whatever you want because he does suck) but the fact is that he has the POTENTIAL to win you a game. The ability to even make the defense think for a split second that he can spread the field give the Browns options.

Quinn has never, and never will, been able to spread the field in any form. He's flawed in an awful way, and that's that he can not throw down the field AT ALL. Quinn's inability to throw beyond 15 yards is why he dropped like a rock in the draft, and why you can't find a coach in the NFL who ever really liked him.

Now granted, DA will throw many interceptions and will lose you games - no doubt about it. But he MAY win you a game here and there. Or at least give you a chance. I'm not sure how many people realize how bad of an NFL QB Quinn truly is, because he doesn't make a ton of mistakes. Problem is, he hamstrings the offense more than anyone realizes.

If you think something is going to change within Quinn after 10 games in the NFL (and countless college games), then you haven't been paying attention.

Ben said...

Ya, Quinn hasn't been throwing down field but then DA did... and he threw picks. Is there a chance that Quinn wasn't throwing downfield because... there wasn't anyone open?

I dunno. He's had Josh Cribbs as his number 2 WR and Braylon has been double covered.

I'm not saying Quinn is the next big thing, but I'm not sure 10 quarters is enough. Especially since the teams he's faced are all 3-0.

I'm all for Quinn being benched, at some point, but I really don't see how 10 quarters is enough. And it's not like Quinn got a lot of preseason/camp time with the first stringers either.

For me, it comes down to this: DA gets multiple seasons to prove himself, Quinn gets 10 quarters.

That doesn't make sense to me.

(oh, and the coaching has been awful, the play calling terrible, the halftime adjustments awful and the defense... ugh- this team stinks).