Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kinda Neat

Jim Thome has been reunited with Manny:

The Los Angeles Dodgers have seen the Rockies and Giants getting bigger in their rearview mirror, so they added some power to try to pull away.

The Dodgers acquired slugger Jim Thome from the White Sox and right-hander Jon Garland from the Diamondbacks on Monday after both players cleared waivers.

Add Thome to Casey Blake and Ronnie Belliard and the Dodgers look more and more like the Indians NL.

Hell, Manny said they wanted to play together again.


jreed724 said...

I can see why they should be upset, aren’t they new loosing sales or clients over this???

Erik said...

I don't get the Thome addition. He's strictly a PH in the NL. He really can't play the field anymore.

Maybe he helps the Dodgers out if they get to the World Series and can use the DH in the AL park, but other than that, Thome is good for one AB per game.