Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let's with go lineup #8


I like that the Cavs' most effective lineup is also one of their least used. Well done, rarely using the starting five that won 66 games, the lineup that just happened to be their most effective offensive and defensive unit (to be fair, Delonte's, um Delonteness, is hampering their ability to do it at times).

Just throwing it out there, but since Shaq keeps saying that Z isn't his backup, that they're "co-centers," does that mean if Mike Brown ever decided to start Z over Shaq (just humor me, he'd never do this), Shaq would be cool coming off the bench?

Yes, Shaq is the future Hall of Famer and the guy who won all the rings but that doesn't mean he has to start for this team at this time. Z spaces the floor better, the offense runs smoother and he can get those offensive tip ins. Hell, having Shaq play with a second unit full of shooters (Boobie, Mo, Moon, etc) isn't necessarily a bad thing either (he'd be going against back-up centers).

I just don't see the point of going away from what worked so well in the past.


dzav said...

It's amazing what NBA players can do when they return to basics and play aggressive basketball. All these guys hustle, and although you only have one "playmaker" in LeBron, they're the key ingredients that allows this team to succeed. Williams and Lebron are obvious choices. I love Shaq, but Z has the ability to stretch the floor, while Shaq needs to stay in the paint to be effective. Whatever your opinion is about the guy, Varejao has been one of the most improved players since the finals against the Spurs, where he was the weakest player on the floor. Now he is one of the most active guys, constantly flashing through the lane for easy buckets and making things happen on defense. Delonte is the missing piece this year. He's the kind of guy whose effect can't be seen on a scorecard, we need him back to make a run. The bottom line is, LeBron can't carry this team to the Finals by himself, but everyone on the floor expects him too. We can't keep playing 1 on 5 basketball in the second half of games, it won't work down the stretch. We have the potential to be a championship team, but Cleveland needs the lineup with active players that make things happen on both ends of the floor. If LeBron wants to carry a team all on his own, the Knicks can give him exactly that. If he wants to be the leader of a championship caliber team, Cleveland can offer that with LeBron, Mo, Anderson, Delonte, and Z.

Erik said...

Because what worked so well in the past didn't beat the Magic or Lakers. If they want to have a ghost of a chance against either of those teams, they have to bite the bullet now and integrate Shaq.

You endure the bumps in the road from November to April to hopefully reap bigger rewards in May and June. That's the whole theme of this season.

Ben said...

That's the thing, I don't trust Mike Brown to integrate Shaq effectively.

I know it's a long season and I know Shaq is there solely for Dwight Howard and the Lakers... but they're gonna have a hell of a time winning that title from the 4th seed (not that they're necessarily gonna be 4th but it's not out of the question).

I just don't see why Shaq has to start and not play with the second unit. Why mess up what worked so well simply to incorporate your Dwight-stopper? (and why play him in crunch time, especially defensively).

So far they've passed their test against the Magic but Orlando was without both of their stretch fours (making them much much much easier to defend).

The Cavs face the Lakers on Christmas and January 21st and the Magic on February 11th (and 21st). The trade deadline is February 19th. Hopefully the Cavs will have a pretty good idea of how effective O'Neal can be against these squads by the deadline.

Anonymous said...

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