Thursday, December 17, 2009


There's rumors that Tracy McGrady is on the block:
Tracy McGrady is likely going to end up getting traded at some time in the next seven months -- maybe in a sign-and-trade deal after he becomes a free agent July 1, maybe at the trade deadline in mid-February, or maybe even sooner.


One source said teams including Portland, Miami and Cleveland were hoping that McGrady's tenure in Houston would end with a buyout, and he would be free to sign with the team of his choice provided he cleared waivers by March 1.

But that source said the Rockets are not at all inclined to go down that road, and a second source insisted that too much should not be read into McGrady's comeback Tuesday night when he logged 7 minutes against the Pistons, saying it was the next logical step in McGrady' comeback from microfracture surgery, and will help establish how much trade value McGrady has heading into the peak of the trading season. One source also cautioned that Rockets owner Les Alexander's fondness for McGrady is a potential complicating factor in any proposed deal, and third source cautioned that there could be gray-area rules complications in trading Mobley, a quasi-retired injured player.
Would I trade for Tracy McGrady? Hell no. He's injury prone, moody, used to being The Man (a volume shooter) and has a crazy contract ($22 million). Trading for McGrady would require the Cavs to give up at least Z and Delonte and lord knows what else. No thanks. He's not worth the effort.

But picking him as a free agent? I'm down. Of course, McGrady has only been back for two games and no one is really sure how effective he can be... but ya gotta think if he's healthy and motivated that he could play the two next to LeBron. He could help defend bigger guards and small forwards, he could handle the scoring load (maybe?) and he wouldn't cost the Cavs a thing to acquire.

I'm sure there better options (Antwan Jamison? David West?) but McGrady definitely intrigues me.


davemanddd said...

no thanx!!! other than for amare stoudemire, microfracture surgery is usually the kiss of death for most athletes. see courtney brown and chris webber. i think t-mac's record in the playoffs speaks for itself as he's never made it past the first round. meanwhile, the rockets made it all the way to the western conference finals last year without him. 'nuff said.

Ben said...

I really don't think T-Mac's record in the playoffs speaks for itself. He's averaged 28-7-6 in the postseason. Yes, his teams haven't advanced past the first round but it's not like that's ALL on him (how many of these series has he been favored?).

If he's bought out (aka, get him for cheap) then I'm intrigued.

Erik said...

I still think Troy Murphy is a name to remember. Not a sexy name, but he's the "stretch four" that the team currently lacks to play alongside Shaq, and he's not just a Rob Kurz-type bench sniper.

Murphy is a legit starting PF with 11 and 8 career numbers. 6'-11" to boot. The Cavs really don't have a legit starting PF right now. J.J. is learning on the job (questions about his ceiling) and Andy is really logging most of his minutes at center, where he's honestly more valuable.

Murphy is making $11 million this season and is signed through next season. A trade for Z straight up would work, maybe with a buyout attached. I don't know if that would be enough, but the Pacers are $36 million over the cap and not contending, so they might be in the market for some cap relief.

I surely wouldn't turn my nose up at David West or Antawn Jamison, but Murphy might be the best fit for the Cavs' purposes.

Ben said...

I'd rather have West than any of 'em, and Jamison seems to be the target of the message board posters, but but Murphy is not a bad choice.

He's young(ish) and he'd definitely be the best fit next to Shaq (for what it's worth). He can shoot the three and rebound.

If you can get Murphy without giving up Hickson (I'm willing to part with J.J. for only certain guys, like say Caron Butler) then I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

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