Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Full Court Press

Hurry back, Z:
Several of the center's former Cleveland teammates visited him in New York on Tuesday, hoping to persuade him to re-sign with the Cavs and help them make a run at an NBA title. Ilgauskas, who has a place in SoHo, was traded last month to Washington in the deal for forward Antawn Jamison.

The Cavs play at New Jersey on Wednesday, and they reached out to the big man affectionately known as "Z."

"They told him they want him to come back," agent Herb Rudoy said. "[Cavaliers general manager] Danny Ferry flew in the other day and met with him, too."

I doubt that Z will be a hard sell but do what you gotta do. Apologize again for not playing him against Phoenix. Kiss his ass. Buy his wife flowers (again).

I don't think we should be too worried:

Ilgauskas has been courted aggressively by several teams, especially the Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks. But those teams reportedly have backed off over the past few days as many believe the announcement to re-sign with the Cavs is a near certainty.

As a fan, I miss seeing Z but he's missed on the court as well. Teams had to respect his jumper and the pick-and-pops created open spaces for LeBron to manuver. The opposition will gladly let J.J. or Varejao hoist those all night.

(I want to know which teammates visited him. Was LeBron? If it was LBJ, I can't imagine it wouldn't be reported but there's no names at all).

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Danny Makes Crap said...

of course Z has a SOHO flat.. fucken bohemian... and shit... God damn I miss him.

I just want him to win a ring so bad... If anyone in the NBA deserves one it's him.

If LBJ visited him it may have still been under wraps cause it's not like they are staked outside his house like Farve... It's just his agent saying the boys have been by...