Friday, March 05, 2010

Jim Paxson Approves

Just two years ago:
Early Thursday evening, the Packers agreed to trade defensive tackle Corey Williams to the Cleveland Browns for a second-round pick, according to an NFL source familiar with the deal. The trade comes less than two weeks after the Packers used the franchise tag to prevent Williams from leaving in free agency without compensation.
The Browns dealt Williams and their seventh-round pick to the Lions for a fifth-round pick. That pick was originally owned by Denver and acquired by Detroit.
Not that I'm blaming the Browns (the fault lies with Phil Savage) but still, trading a second rounder for Williams only to part with him for a fifth reeks of Jiri Welsch.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, it reeks of a Paxson deal. Paxson wastes a high round draft pick on a mediocre player that had no chance of fitting. New regime comes in, tries to get whatever it can before said player is lost for nothing.