Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Do I play hockey?

OSU D-League Hockey Finals tonight! 11:15!! Be there, be drunk, be sober, I don't care, just cheer. Should be a delight.

Lennon's Murder

This morning I was driving back to Columbus and I had Jerry Springer on AM 1230. Springer is actually pretty darn smart, though if you think he's sleazy I can't really blame ya. But if you hear him talk politics and such I think you'll be won over.

Anyway, this caller called up about trusting the government and such and he rambled on about John Lennon being murdered by the US government and.... you guessed it... Stephen King.

Springer just kinda went along with the guy, who mentioned a website like every 5 seconds (he must be the author) and then nicely dismissed him.

I checked out the site, kinda interesting, but some of his stuff doesn't add up. I dunno, see what you think...

This Cavaliers Business

This is a long post about the Cavaliers. Indulge me. I love all Ohio/Cleveland teams, but the Cavs are my favorite. They always have been. I'm not sure how many people can say that. Basketball is my first love; going to games with my dad at the old Colisium and then Gund Arena; listening to Joe Tait on the radio in the car or my room as a kid; I seriously Love This Game. This team is very dear to my heart, I followed them during the Price and Daugherty era, the Mills/Phills and Hill era, when Bobby Sura entered the Dunk Contest and didn't make a dunk, and I have the ticket stub from a game from the year before the LeBron (vs the Warriors- I got to see one of their 17 wins). Which is why I'm so frustrated by the moves the new owner Dan Gilbert is making. I just don't get it.

First of all, I'm not happy with the hiring of Mike Brown. Ever heard of him? Gilbert took over a team that had a veteren head coach who's been in the playoffs (and won a series) and fired him (not unjustifiably). Then Gilbert makes a big stink about how he's going to hire a GM before he hires a coach. He wanted to make sure that the GM and coach got along. Well, it looks like the Cavs hired Mike Brown, but still don't have a GM.

Maybe Brown is the right guy, I don't know. What I do know is this: Gilbert said they were going to go about this offseason a certian way, and then the very first move they make is the exact opposite of what they said they planned. This doesn't inspire confidence in me.

Once upon a time (1988) the Cavs were the 'Team of the 90's" (said by Magic "I miss the dead bodies" Johnson). They had a point guard (Mark Price), a center (Brad Daugherty), 2 very nice forwards (Larry Nance and Hot Rod Williams), a back up combo guard that could play d and shoot the 3 (Craig Ehlo) and a high flying shooting guard (Ron Harper). This was the team that lost "The Shot" game (where the Pistons were relieved to play Jordan's Bulls instead of the Cavs- think about that). Well, management heard that Harper was hanging around with the wrong crowd (drugs) and decided that they should get rid of him before he became a problem. At the same time a young Duke player, drafted #2 overall, was holding out from the Los Angelos Clippers. This player, Danny Ferry, was considered to be "The Next Larry Bird," so the Cavs made a monster move and exiled Ron Harper (and a lot of first round draft picks) to the Clippers for Danny Ferry. The Cavs immediatly gave into Ferry's contract demands and gave him a very large, very expensive contract. Well, Ferry never exactly lived up to "The Next Larry Bird," and Ron Harper's drug problems were never heard from again (maybe he couldn't get drugs in LA or Chicago) and the team that won the game with "The Shot" went on to become the team of the 90's.

Currently the Cavaliers are in a very situation very similar to 1986 (when they drafted all those players from 1988 and hired Lenny Wikens to coach and Wayne Embry to be GM). This team (any team with LeBron) could become the best Cavaliers team we've seen since the late 80's and early 90's (or ever). They have a chance to build something special. So why did I just tell the entire (painful) Danny Ferry story? Cause it looks like the Cavaliers are going after "The Next Larry Bird GM Edition." The Plain Dealer is reporting that Danny Ferry might become the Cavs next GM.

Does Gilbert have any sense of history in this town? The Danny Ferry trade pretty much derailed any chance the Cavs had at beating Jordan's Bulls (a third scorer to go with Price and Daugherty, plus a guard to make Jordan use energy on defense). He never remotely lived up to his promise. Bringing Ferry back as GM isn't exactly bringing the prodigal son home.

Lets not stop at Ferry, lets bring in Art Modell as a consultant, I mean, he won a championship with Baltimore. How about Albert Belle? I'm sure he could teach a course in media relations for the team. And how about Jose Mesa? Can we find room for The Table? Let him talk to the guys about performing in clutch situations.

But seriously, I don't want to sound like Chicken Little here, but the Cavs are bringing in a coach who has never had a head coaching position ANYWHERE. They're about to bring in either Danny Ferry or Milt Newton, both of who have never been a GM before. And the whole Larry Brown fiasco is about a guy who has never been a team president before, has a poor record of evaluating talent (he didn't play LeBron, Wade or Amare during the Olympics- they did okay this year) and he doesn't stay anywhere for more than 5 seconds. Oh, and they have a owner with about 6 months of experience.

How easy will it be for Mike Brown to coach here; I mean it's his first job ever, he's coaching LeBron James and his boss is nortorious for changing his mind. Does Mike Brown start looking over his shoulder after the first loss or the day after he's hired? Also, will Larry Brown stay here? What if a job opens up, he's bailing on the Pistons during the playoffs (a team he lead to a championship!) to come to the Cavs. Brown isn't exactly known for loyalty (and it's showing).

This is less serious if they go out this offseason and make some nice deals. Get some PLAYERS. But I have a feeling they will let go of Z, sign Antonio Daniels to that 6 yr 40 million deal Peter Vecey reported and sign Larry Hughes to some dumb contract.

Personally, I would go for Joe Johnson (the Suns can't afford all of their players, Nash is signed long term, so is Marion and Richardson, and Stoudamire's rookie contract will be up fast), sign Z (but if it's too expensive sign Jerome James of Seattle) and look for a Dan Dicau type to back up Snow. Also, I would puruse Kwame Brown extremely hard. I think playing under LeBrons shadow (plus being out of Washington) with a pass first player would do wonders for him.

But who knows how this offseason will turn out. Who knows who will be a part of the Cavlaiers come opening night. Z? Danny Ferry? Larry Brown? But at least we'll have Usher.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Larry Brown

No word yet on Dan Gilbert's ridiculous timetable for Larry Brown's decision to become GM (and coach eventually, who are we kidding). But Scoop Jackson looks at it from Larry's point of view, not the Cavs.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Longest Yard

First off, I've never seen the first Longest Yard, so I saw Sandler's version untainted by movie history. Will I see the origional? Probably. Will it probably be a better movie? Yea. But I got to see the remake without nitpicking over every change in dialoge and detail. Bill Simmons didn't have that option.

Not surprisingly, I like The Longest Yard remake. I like Sandler movies. Are they ground breaking? No. Grand comedic adventures or witty satires? No. Good movies? Not all of them. But I enjoy them. This was a better movie than some of them (Little Nicky, Anger Management), but not as good as others (Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer or even Big Daddy).

Some of the parts were over the top, but you what your gettin into (a freakin Adam Sandler movie) then you'll probably like. Highlights for me were Sandler's drunken car chase, Dan Patricks mustasche, convicts and their running gags, Michael Irvin/Jim Rome/Chris Bermon cameos, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, 'Blue' from Old School, the classic 'one guy from every Adam Sandler movie ever' playing the ref, Courtney Cox's gigantic breasts (seriously, what the fuck, those were bigger than my head) and the obligatory Rob Schnieder "you can do it!" scene.

At the end of the day, it's a middle of the road Sandler flick. If you know what to expect comin in then you'll enjoy it. If you're hoping for one of the greatest sports movies of all time (like the origional)..... good luck with all that.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The next Cavs head coach is....

Mike Brown?

That's what the PD is reporting. In case you have no idea who he is, Brown is the assitant head coach in Indiana under Rick Carlisle. He is considered one of the top assitants in the league.

I'm just not sure how I feel about this, I mean, this guy is obviously a great assistant, I'm just not sure I want a first timer leading the LeBron and the Cavs through their first postseason. But hey, Phil Jackson was a first time head coach when he got the Bulls (although he was an assistant under Doug Collins). Though, I would feel a lot better if the Cavs had a Chuck Daly or Larry Brown somehow involved with the team. Though I wonder how long it would take until Brown would be coaching if we made him the GM/President.

Sith Stuff

I saw the movie, I enjoyed it. It is what it is. An entertaining sci-fi film that has a nice mix of mythology and action (with some poor dialog).

There's been a bunch of talk about the not so vague politcal undertones in the movie. Is Episode III anti-Bush? I don't think it's more anti-Bush as it is anti-dictator. So if that comes off as being anti-Bush.... There are many people a lot smarter than me who see GWB's polcies as anti-democratic. The one party rule, the lack of public oversight into their polcies (or elections), the war in Iraq (and how it began), changing the rules of the senate to keep key people (DeLay) in or to try to get anyone they want onto the courts.

So Episode III is a anti-Bush movie. And Bush must be the Emperor. So that makes the Jedi liberals. So what do some right-wingers do? Start defending the Sith.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention, there's some great stuff on this here.

Also, Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors, ever. But he's gone off the deep end recently, first with the Star Wars shit and now this.

The thing that seperates me from my conservative cohorts however, is that I'm not going to boycott his books (or new Enders Game movie?) because I don't like his politcal views. Ah, that's right, freedom of speech... awesome. As for the other side: Don't go see the new Chris Rock movie.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Newest Coaching Canidate

John Calipari? NO! NO! NO! NO!

Please stop the infatuation with college coaches... no Izzo, no Calipari... NO! Hire a guy who's NBA ready/experienced. If the coach isn't Mussleman, Saunders, or McMillian (or Skiles, Brown, Jackson..) then they screwed up.

Although, Gilbert did call Memphis and tried to get half of the Jerry West/Phil Jackson dream team... But Jerry said no. Honestly, I'm just glad they put in the call. Why not?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Knife of Dreams News

KoD is the newest (11th!) book in the Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan. Anyways, 16 pages from the KoD prologue are contained in the paperback edition of New Spring (prequel). This link (spoilers) summarizes a lot of the excerpt (I don't plan on buying the paperback version, I own the hardcover). All in all, I found it pretty exciting, let's hope the rest of the book keeps pace.

Browns Stuff

It looks like the Browns (and former teammate Gary Baxter) are going hard after Peter Boulware. And Romeo wants to bring in Ty Law?

Part of me feels like the Browns are a year away from bringing in veterns to start anchoring the team. But maybe having Pro-Bowlers around will help out the young guys. At the same time, everytime a 'name' guy gets released, I don't need the Browns making eye-babies at them. The Pats haven't exactly been winning with 'name guys.' Also (as with everything), it all depends on the price of these guys. If they can sign them to a Kevin Millwood style contract then I'm all for it. But if we have to put up a ton of money to sign the great Ty Law... no thanks.

Finally, I've seen it all:
Browns starting left tackle Ross Verba is boycotting the team's voluntary passing camp and told The Plain Dealer Thursday that he'll hold out of minicamp, training camp and the entire 2005 season if he doesn't get a new contract.

Verba, who is set to make $2.925 million in 2005 and 2006, wants a new multi-year deal and said he wants the Browns to live up to their promise to take care of him if he restructured his deal in 2004. Verba played for $535,000 last season, one of the lowest salaries in the NFL for a starting left tackle.

He said he's prepared to sit out the year if he doesn't get paid big money and indicated he's looking for a contract in the $40 million range.

He said he's working at the Browns facility and doing everything that's asked of him, but all of that will cease if he's not re-signed soon.

If the Browns promised to 'take care of him' they should pay up. But if Butch Davis made that promise.... I'm not sure how much you can hold Savage and Romeo to Butch's promises. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this hold out, Lord knows I'm not a big Verba fan... but if he helped the team out contract wise.. they should keep their word... That being said, I don't think anyone who played a lot on a 4-12 team should be holding out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stupid Liberal Medi

From MediaMatters:

ASMAN: You're the chairman of the rules committee. Did Senator [Bill] Frist [R-TN] have the votes to end the filibuster?

LOTT: I believe that he did. It would have been very close. We would have probably gotten a 50-50 tie vote, with the vice president breaking the tie. Perhaps we'd have had 51 before it was over. I do think it's a rule that should be in place because what the Democrats have been doing is not, you know, protecting a rule, they have been causing something different. The filibusters on a serial basis, federal judicial nominees to the appellate courts, was unprecedented for 214 years. So, to put that rule in place saying that it only takes 51 votes to confirm these judges was something I thought we should do. Remember now --

ASMAN: So, Senator, if we should have done it and if we had the votes to do it in the Senate -- if you guys in the Republican Party did -- then why did you need a compromise?

LOTT: Well, you know, I would argue that we probably should have gone forward with the vote, all things considered.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

LA Times: 1 Bill O'Reilly: 0

Times first editorial.

Bill responds.

Times responds to the response.

Needless to say, O'Reilly hears what he wants to hear and he doesn't debate it. No point for counterpoint, he just goes off on a tirade.

George Bush's America

Dur, why would this cause problems.

Fixing the NBA and NFL

Josh Elliot proposes some rule changes for the NFL and Chris Ballard does the same for the NBA.

Elliot's NFL rules:
1. No more sudden death OT
2. No more cut blocking
3. Ground can cause a fumble
4. Max pass-interference penalty is 15 yards
5. One foot inbounds is a catch
6. Force outs are legal
7. No fair catches
8. No first down line on the TV

Most of these are pretty good/common sense, like 1, 2 and 3. I really hate how the ground can't cause a fumble, that is the dumbest thing in the league (besides Brian Greise- HEYO). I mean, if landing makes you lose the football... how is that you had control of the ball? It doesn't make sense.

I got no problem with 4 either way, I don't mind it that much, though I do kinda think its unfair to tackle a reciever before he catches a 50 yard bomb to just get penalized 15 yards...

5 and 6 Elliot calls the yin-yang rules. Personally, I like the fact that you need both feet inbounds, it makes it much more difficult, which is good. As for the force outs... I'm not sure, I mean, what if I'm a linebacker and I catch Wayne Cherbet before he lands and carry him out of bounds? It's an extreme example... but how would you police that?

7 is dumb, no fair catches? Didn't the XFL try this? And 8?! Losing the first down line, are you kidding me, I love that thing, if you want to make a change the lines make CBS take off it's stupid blue 'line of scrimage.' That thing just confuses the snot out of me.

As for the NBA changes...

1. No more jump balls, just possesion arrows
2. Time outs are 20 seconds or 40 seconds
3. Instant replay late in the game
4. Tied after 2 OTs? Decide it with a shootout
5. Players can carry the ball to make moves more explosive (JOKE)
6. First round of the playoffs are best of 5
7. 4-pointers from 35 feet or further
8. End of the defensive 3 in the key
9. No charges in the backcourt (the Derek Fisher rule)
10. Six fouls isn't an automatic disqualification

Okay, numbers 2, 3, 6 and 8 are the most likely to get implemented, if any will. The best of 5 first round series and the defensive 3 seconds are the most no brain things in the world. The D3 calls lead to uncalled for play stopages and the 7 game first round series just takes way too long. Plus a 5 game series can lead to more upsets (which is always a good thing).

I'm indifferent to rule 1. Possesion arrows or jump balls? Who cares? I think he has something with rule 10, but I'm not sure if his details are right. I agree, I think it is stupid that basketball is the only game that takes it's players out of the game (and usually at the most cruical moments). I do believe a player or team should be penalized for a player going over a pre-set foul limit, but players shouldn't have to leave the games for good.

As for rule 9, I would just over haul the entire way they do the charge system. Cause a charge is meant for the defensive guy to hold his ground, so the offensive guy doesn't just 'charge' over him. Guys get rewarded for undercutting streaking players and just getting in the way. It's not good defense, it's just drawing a foul. If you wouldn't make that play on the playground, you shouldn't get rewarded for it in a NBA game.

Rules 4 and 7 are the most absurd things I've heard in my life. A shootout? Have you ever watched the end of a bball game? It is a shootout, if you make you free throws you win, if you don't you go home. But a 4 pointer? Why would anyone thing this is a good idea? A ton of guys never venture into the key as it is, why would Antoine Walker venture inside 30 feet if he could shoot 'quads' all game. Ugh...

Cavs Stuff

Since the Magic hired Brian Hill (again) and the Sixers finally got Maurice Cheeks it looks like the Cavs are the only bidders for Eric Musselman (who I like).

My personal preference, David Morway (from Indy) as the GM and Musselman as the coach (assuming we can't get a Jerry West-Phil Jackson combo).

Also, it looks like Gilbert really likes idea of Larry Brown becoming the GM. I'm not sure how I feel about this... I mean, Brown was the guy who didn't recognize that LeBron and Amare were his two best players this past summer during the Olympics... how good is he at evaulating talent?

Finally, it looks like Mark Price won't be returning to FSN Ohio for Cavs games next year so he can be with his family. Which is too bad, I idolized Price as a kid, he was my favorite player, and truth be told, he did start the year off pretty shakey as the Cavs broadcaster. But as the season wore on he got a rhythm and a voice and did a pretty decent job towards the end. I was kinda hoping he'd stick around for a few years (and maybe teach the team how to shoot fuckin freethrows!).

I have no idea who Cavs will replace Price with, I'm just praying it isn't Austin Carr...

Stern Rulings

Norman Chad (ya, the poker guy/sometimes PTI guy) has a funny column on David Stern and his dominance over the NBA. My favorite part:
Rome had asked him if NBA players are using steroids:
Stern: "By the way, let me ask you a question. Are there many people working with you at ESPN who are using steroids or drugs?"
Rome: "Why do you ask?"
Stern: "Why do you ask?"
Rome: "Why do you ask?"
Stern: "Same reason."
Rome: "Because I'm the interviewer, I ask the questions. Why do you ask?"
Stern: "Well, but I mean, you know, it's sort of interesting - it's sort of like, professional athletes, everyone gets to take a free shot."
Rome: "Well, I guess the difference is . . .
Stern: "Congressmen, interviewers and the like . . .
Rome: "I will answer your question. The reason I ask is, steroids would improve the performance of your athletes. I'm not sure they'd help me or any of my colleagues."
Stern: "I don't know. You know what? Maybe your tough questioning is from 'roid rage. I can't tell."

Heh.. roid rage.. that is great. excelent smack. give yourself a tounge, david

Monday, May 23, 2005

U2? Vertigo twice?

Peter King saw U2 live and they played Vertigo twice (I didn't think I could hate that song any more, but U2 took it to the next level)... wow. He talks about it in his MMQB column (page 3... the whole column is good).

Beatles Stuff

I'm a huge Beatle fan and I've always wondered if Lennon hadn't been killed if they would've gotten back together. Lennon himself flip-flopped on this throughout the 70s, saying no way in hell (early 70s) to never out of the question (late 70s). His lover from his hiatus from Yoko (who she picked out) says John would've reformed the group:
And Lennon often asked for advice on whether he should write to McCartney suggesting the Fab Four reform, to which Pang assured him they're far better as a unit than as solo artists.

"I remember him saying, 'Do you think I should write with Paul again?' and I said, 'Absolutely, you should do it because it seems you want to. As solo performers you are good but together you can't be beaten.

Ah... who knows what could've been...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dirk: My Bad

Nowitzki says he (and others) screwed up and should've had a better postseason.

More Chuck Daly

Bud Shaw says the Cavs should have him in whatever capacity he wants.

I agree, though the coaching rumors are a bit out there. Daly is 75 years old, I don't think he'll be coaching any time soon.

Hey, remember Bill Traber?

The guy who threw a 1-hitter vs the Yankees? Terry Pluto does.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Me and my roommates are throwing a party tonight in C0lumbus, anyone who reads this (sup Jess) should be coming. 6 kegs, ice luge, jello shots hair buffalo and a live band. It's gonna be nuts.


Bill Livingston misses Bartolo Colon. Don't we all...

Fans: Cut Kellen

That is just stupid. The guy fucked up AND he played for Miami, screw him! By all acounts Winslow will be a future probowl player. I say keep him and work with him, maybe he'll be a bit more humble after his accident.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cavs GM and Coach

Nuggets: No Kiki for you.

Chuch Daly? Coach? Thanks, but no thanks.

No Shit

Winslow is done for the year.


OSU has a group of students staging a filibuster in front of the union, it's kinda cute, tries to raise awareness of the entire issue, but I don't think it really does much. Today I was walking toward the union when the Fetus Trucks drove by the filibuster kids. The trucks pulled up into the bus stop area (to get closer) and then drove off. (The Fetus Trucks are basically billboards on wheels that has a picture of an aborted fetus and the word CHOICE on the side of it. It's disgusting and classless.) I got a small kick out of the 'meeting' of the protests groups.

Anyway, here's MediaMatter's Top Ten Lies About the Filibuster.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TV Time

A great show, Arrested Development will be back for a third season. However, a show on the WB that I actually watch, Jack and Bobby, will not be back. Never heard of Jack and Bobby, read from the NY Times:

When teenagers go astray, their parents ground them. But it would be better if instead they grounded them in good television - ordering them to watch WB's "Jack & Bobby" for two weeks straight instead of Fox's sexy melodrama "The O.C."

As summer reruns approach, series compete for the most sensational season finales. The quietly intriguing end to "Jack & Bobby" tonight is a helpful reminder that there are plenty of good shows for children and parents to watch. If the infraction was bad enough to warrant dire punishment, they could even insist on watching it together.

The WB has a number of dramas that engagingly use mythic small towns to examine teenage angst and family ties, from the complicity and competition of mothers and daughters in "Gilmore Girls" to the resentments between fathers and sons on "Everwood." But on "Jack & Bobby" those eternal tensions are blended into a more intriguing canvas: one of the two McCallister brothers grows up to be president in 2040. Their adolescence unfolds in "Citizen Kane"-style flashbacks woven into a documentary in which White House aides and the former first lady reminisce about the beloved president, known as "The Great Believer." Fictional and real-life public figures are intentionally blurred. On tonight's episode, Gore Vidal makes a cameo appearance as the documentary's host, an authoritative Sir Kenneth Clark type, who delivers a psychohistorical insight that informs the episode - and the McCallister presidency. "The critical choice to transform himself from a private to a public person," Mr. Vidal says on a deep portentous voice, "can be traced directly back to a day when McCallister traveled to Huntsville, Tex., in the spring of 2005."

The first scene shows the boys' intelligent, neurotic single mother Grace (Christine Lahti), a college professor packing for what she says is a yearly getaway visit with her two best girlfriends in Huntsville. Bobby (Logan Lerman), the younger son, begins to question why the women keep returning to a barren place like Huntsville, a town best known as the "prison city of Texas." The truth comes out, but slowly and circuitously.

Like mothers sneaking spinach into a child's pasta dinner, "The O.C." on Fox cleverly slips serious issues into a gauzy tableau of sex, sun and bare bellies. The striptease on "Jack & Bobby" is intellectual, a slow, seductive unveiling of secrets that no sooner exposed, reveal another layer of mystery underneath.

In the pilot, viewers were left guessing whether Jack (Matt Long), the track star and natural leader or his eccentric little brother, Bobby, became president. Once it was revealed that Jack died young, a war hero, and it was Bobby who ran for president, other mysteries surfaced, including why Bobby ended up a Republican when his brother was a liberal Democrat. The show does reflect a certain West Coast sensibility: the war that so traumatized the nation is not about oil, terrorism or North Korea, but water. The United States gets pulled into a conflict with its southern neighbors in what is known as "The War of the Americas."

"Jack & Bobby" is unusual in many ways, and one is that unlike so many modern shows it is cynical about television but deeply romantic about politics and public service - a trait attributable to one of its executive producers, Thomas Schlamme, who was a director and executive producer of "The West Wing." Despite the coy reference to the Kennedys, McCallister's presidency is depicted as a restoration of hope to a demoralized nation - more Franklin D. Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan than John F. Kennedy. Those moments of misty patriotic yearning are leavened with sharp dialogue and self-mocking asides, including some at the expense of other WB series. (On tonight's episode, Jack sarcastically tells his mother that their family is "straight out of '7th Heaven.' " )

And that balance helps explain the series's popularity with the more political voices of show business: Norman Lear, the creator of "All in The Family," also has a cameo role as the elderly Peter Benedict, Grace's boss at the university and the president's father-in-law, and Tim Robbins does the voice of President McCallister as an adult.

Sex, romance and betrayal can be found in any show for teenagers. "Jack & Bobby" takes it all the way to the White House.

Cavs GM- Kiki?

Kiki Vandeweghe could be the next Cavs GM the according to the NY Post. I'd be surprised if the Nuggets let Kiki leave after doing such a good job building their team. But who knows, he was grooming Michael Cooper to be the next head coach and now with George Karl there, Kiki may want to go someplace else. The report also says that the Cavs will go after Antonio Daniels for six years and 40 million (which seems like a bit much).

Newsweek did it

Okay, if you haven't heard, Newsweek said that some soldiers in Guantanamo Bay fucked up the Quaran while trying to interrorgate prisoners. Then violence broke out in some parts of the middle east and some clerics said that they would order a holy war vs the US. Then Newsweek retracted the story, saying how their source retracted his statement and they are sorry for anyone being killed or injured in the furor. Then Scott McClellan blasts Newsweek for being irresposnsible for relying on an anonymous source and causing all this shit.

"A retraction is a good first step," McClellan said after Newsweek issued its statement. "This allegation was unsubstantiated and it was contrary to everything that we value and all that our military works to uphold. We encourage Newsweek to now work diligently to help undo what damage can be undone."

"People lost their lives. the image of the United States abroad has been damaged. It will take work to undo what can be undone," McClellan said.

People with a sense of irony are going nuts. Wait, the White House is blasting someone for running with an anonymous source? Durr... Ever hear of Curveball? The anonymous source who said Iraq had WMDs? Newsweek may have made a mistake (to me, a sudden retraction in the face of violence kinda seems like a retraction so we don't into a large fight), but for the White House to be calling them out takes some real balls.

Keith Olberman explains:

Whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about ‘media credibility,’ I strain to remember who it was who admitted Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times.

Whenever I hear this White House talking about ‘doing to damage to our image abroad’ and how ‘people have lost lives,’ I strain to remember who it was who went traipsing into Iraq looking for WMD that will apparently turn up just after the Holy Grail will - and at what human cost.

Of course, everybody in the prosecution of the so-called ‘war on terror’ has done something dumb, dating back to the President’s worst-possible-word-selection (“crusade”) on September 16, 2001.
Firstly, the principal reporter on the Gitmo story was Michael Isikoff - “Spikey” in a different lifetime; Linda Tripp’s favorite journalist, and one of the ten people most responsible (intentionally or otherwise) for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Spikey isn’t just a hero to the Right - the Right owes him.
Also, Olberman points out that:
Last Thursday, General Richard Myers, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Donald Rumsfeld’s go-to guy whenever the situation calls for the kind of gravitas the Secretary himself can’t supply, told reporters at the Pentagon that rioting in Afghanistan was related more to the on-going political reconciliation process there, than it was to a controversial note buried in the pages of Newsweek claiming that the government was investigating whether or not some nitwit interrogator at Gitmo really had desecrated a Muslim holy book.

and finally
Ultimately, though, the administration may have effected its biggest mistake over this saga, in making the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs look like a liar or naïf, just to draw a little blood out of Newsweek’s hide.

I couldn't say it any better.

[Update] Should Newsweek had published the report? Maybe. If they really had a solid source, but he backed off after the aftermath... I don't know. They weren't reporting anything new, this was two years ago. The clerics should take responsiblity for this also, just because some jerkoff might have put a Quaran in a toilet doesn't mean you start a holy war. There were other reports (NY Times) that prisoners complained of people messing with the Quaran, so the people in Guantanamo Bay have some resposiblity also. I'm not trying to excuse what Newsweek did, but for the White House to be lecturing on responsibility.... ugh....

Pot, Meet Kettle

From DailyKos.

Monday, May 16, 2005

LeBron or Wade

ESPN (I can't figure out how to link to their SportsCenter poll) has been going with this all day today (basically because there's no NBA games today due to the Heat sweep of the Wizards).

Wade is a great player. Yes, great, not good. But there's no way you would take Wade over 'Bron. ESPN had a few guys say if they are starting a franchise they pick LeBron, but if they want to win tomorrow they pick Wade. Huh? LeBron had better point, rebound and assist averages than Wade. I know James has yet to perform in the playoffs, but in the way he performed down the stretch do you think he'd be a post season flop?

Also, Bill Walton made a ridiculous coment the other day about, aside from Shaq, LeBron has better teammates than Wade. What? I can debunk this with one name, Damon Jones. He hits open jump shots and 3's, which means he can do something no one on the Cavs can do. But lets go with another name, Eddie Jones, he's made all star teams in the past. Again, something no other Cavalier has done.

Finally, ask youself if LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were to switch teams, which team would be better off? You're kidding youself if you say the Cavs. If the Cavs offered James for Wade straight up would the Heat make the deal? If the Heat offered the same deal would the Cavs take it (discounting James' hometown appeal)? Come on, the Cavs would never make that deal in a million years, but the Heat would do it yesterday.

This argument is stupid.

Both are great players, but LeBron is the better of the 2.



Sunday, May 15, 2005

Star Wars, the anti-Bush movie

I actually thought about this a little while ago, this is a movie where a democracy (The Republic) turns into a dictatorship (The Empire) and with all the shit going on.... the whole filibuster debate... gay marrige.... if you buy pot you're supporting terrorism... if you voted for Kerry leave our church.... Guantanemo Bay..... an entire war based on false information.... and people are cool with it.

"If you're not with me, then you're my enemy," Hayden Christensen's Anakin soon to become villain Darth Vader tells former mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor). The line echoes Bush's international ultimatum after the Sept. 11 attacks, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

Lucas began researching how democracies can turn into dictatorships with full consent of the electorate.

In ancient Rome, "why did the senate after killing Caesar turn around and give the government to his nephew?" Lucas said. "Why did France after they got rid of the king and that whole system turn around and give it to Napoleon? It's the same thing with Germany and Hitler.

"You sort of see these recurring themes where a democracy turns itself into a dictatorship, and it always seems to happen kind of in the same way, with the same kinds of issues, and threats from the outside, needing more control. A democratic body, a senate, not being able to function properly because everybody's squabbling, there's corruption."

I think it's obvious Lucas isn't a Bush guy (he liked F-911) but I would rather people not try to politicize Star Wars (which is what I just did). Look into it all you want (and some people do) but at the end of the day it's a space movie filled with people you have magic powers and weild deadly flashlights.

TNT Basketball

Bill Livingston has a nice column about how TNT's halftime and postgame show is the bets sports show on TV. While I agree wholeheartedly, I wish he would've spent more time talking about the TNT show instead of complaining so much about Fox's NFL pregame show, ESPN's NBA halftime show and Dick Vitale.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Czar weighs in on the Cavs coaching job

and recomends Eric Musselman. I got no problem with Musselman, I think I'd like him over Saunders. He did some nice things with a bad Warriors team a few years ago and I think he could do a good job with the Cavs and LeBron. Remember, Phil Jackson was an unproven assistant under Doug Collins until he won a championship after replacing him. The Cavs don't have to go after a guy who's previously won a title; just get a guy with a good basketball IQ. Mussleman works.

Top 20 NBA Ready College Players

According to SI.com. Number 1? Marvin Williams. Description:
Never mind that he was merely the sixth man on the Tar Heels' national championship team; Williams has a game reminiscent of former UNC star Antawn Jamison and a simple, smooth shooting stroke (84.7 percent from the charity stripe, 43.2 percent from 3) that's rare for a big man.

Ya know what? I will mind that small fact that he didn't start in college. I remember another college player who didn't start for his school but came out after one year... Corey Maggette:
"He's always going to be one of those guys who's a good player on a bad team. He ranks 11th in the league in turnovers [2.95 per game] because he's an iffy ball handler who makes bad decisions. He'll come out of a timeout playing man-to-man defense when his teammates are in a zone, or he won't know the offensive play because he wasn't paying attention in the huddle -- which, believe it or not, is a problem with a lot of guys in this league. He does have explosive athleticism, and he gets to the line for almost 40 percent of his points. But bottom line, he's filling up his stat sheet more than helping his team play at a higher level."

Now I'm not saying that Williams is another Maggette, but calling a guy who didn't even start in college (to his credit it was a really good- National Champions- team).

But this is why the NBA needs an age limit. The draft is supposed to help the worst teams in the league, but teams can't afford to pass up on a guy like Williams cause he "could" be good. It used to be if you had the first pick in the draft you were getting an all-star (or close) player you're first year. Anyone think Williams could really help a NBA team NEXT year? I don't think so.


Right now I'm taking Geology 105, the geology of the National Parks. It sucks, I know it sucks, but I need the credit, I'm pretty sure no one in there is taking it for the hell of it.

There's this douch who sits near me sometimes, and lately he's been flirting with this one chick the entire class. I first noticed this kid because he looks like Michael Jackson, white style. Long hair, skinny, pale, gay looking beard, and he has an upturned nose. Needless to say, this kid sucks.

The entire time during class he bitches about how lame the teachers are. They are two old guy who teach geology, of course they're lame. Excelent observation. I give these guys credit, they know what they're teachin is boring and they crack cheesy jokes all the time, it keeps kids awake and quasi-interested.

But the Smooth Criminal thinks they're dumb, and he voices his opinon to this dumb bitch every 5 seconds. And she either likes his schtick (actual line: my mom is funnier) or she's too nice to tell him to shut the fuck up.

I don't particularly care for Geology, I'm pissed I have to take it too. But ya know what? I actually try to concentrate in the class because I don't want to have to read the boring ass book in my free time. The less time I actually have to spend thinking about Geology the better.

To summarize, if you hate the class, do me the decency of not showing up. Or if you must show up, do the polite thing and fall asleep like any normal person. Finally, if you look like Michael Jackson you can either: A) get a fucking hair cut B) shoot yourself.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

GM Rumblings

It looks like the Pacers David Morway is the front runner to be the Cavs GM.

Good, a guy who's been working to be a GM, not, lets say... Greg Anthony (I do not like that rumor).

Steve Nash MVP because...

He's white? Dan LeBetard suggested that Steve's race may have played a factor in giving him the MVP (not it was the most important factor, but it may have played a part). LeBetard got jumped on pretty hardcore, but Jason Whitlock defends him quite nicely on ESPN.com's Page 2.


If anyone cares, and I doubt you do, you can now post coments on each post without having to be a member of Blogger. So there ya go.

Stupid Liberal Media

Ah, I love studies that prove liberal bias. Like if the news has people labeled conservative on a lot more than people labled liberal, it means that the liberal get on TV without anyone knowing they are liberal. See? Perfect sense. So if the news had more people labeled liberal on than conservative THAT would mean that the news is liberally biased because the don't have conservatives on. See, it doesn't matter, as long as you set out to prove the media's liberal bias.

Suns-Mavs tied 1-1

Great game, Mavs won 108-106.

Maybe I'm just trying to defend one of the only good white players in the NBA, or maybe I think Dirk (and guys like CWebb) get picked on too much, butI have some thoughts on Dirk Nowitzki.

I knew the TNT guys were going to bitch about Dirk not having a better game; for not scoring much in the fourth. Barkley actually said, "I know Dirk had 23 and 12, but the only one that counted was the last 2." Now, maybe I'm missing something here, but the guy had 20 plus points and 10 plus rebounds, PLUS hit the game winning shot. And the first thing after the game is criticism. Wow.

Dirk ripped on Dampier (who basically dropped a big turd on the court in game 1) for not producing (15 min, 0 points). And Dirk got bitched at for calling the guy (a big turd dropper) out. But wait, everyone complains about Dirk not being a vocal enough leader. So what is it? Should Dirk call out his teammates or shut up. Cause I'm confused.

The Mavs have run alot of post ups the entire post season, trying to use Dirk's height to their advantage. But I haven't seen the Mavs use Dirk in the post THAT often during the regular season. I haven't seen Dirk take any threes (I haven't watched every play) in the second round, and not that many versus Houston. Dirk isn't a great post up guy, he's okay, but he is good off the dribble and spotting up for jumpers (2s or 3s). So maybe if the Mavs would set some picks for him, Dirk would have one of those 30 point games.

Okay, enough on the Mavs and such. Peace

I like Ike

I saw this at DailyKos and had to share.
"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are [a] few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid."
- President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1954

Yao II?

A 7-8 350lb Chinaman. 21 years old. Here comes the next draft project.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Biggest Story of our Lives

So I'm on a politics binge today. Meh.

One Nation Under


No entries Tuesday

sorry, the time I did have today, Blogger was down, I had a real nice long post about Bud Shaw's column on Tribe GM Mark Shapiro. Needless to say I would wait a bit before bashing Shapiro, but whatever. Sorry if you wanted more profound thoughts, but I'm tired. Peace

Monday, May 09, 2005

Goblet of Fire


Fine, I'm a dork, I like the Potter books and movies, but come on, this teaser trailer kicks ass.

Still going after the Clintons

If Hilary Clinton did something unethical, then punish her. Do the investigation, and make sure you do it right. But if you want to go after the Clintons, lets go after DeLay's shit and Bush's (and Blair's?) shit too. If you want to preach honesty I'm all for it, but lets go both sides. But if you just hate the Clintons or anyone leaning left in general you can fuck off.

Local Guys on the Browns

The Browns already drafted Charlie Frye from Akron and Simon Fraser from OSU had a good rookie camp and it now looks like Kent State's QB, Josh Cribbs could make the 2005 Browns roster, as a reciever. I like the moves so far by Savage and Crennel, bring in some local players in and give them a shot. It may keep the fans attention a little more while the team rebuilds.
"He is interesting," said coach Romeo Crennel. "I noticed him particularly when he was throwing the ball [last Saturday]. He has a nice arm and some nice tightness to his ball, so you never know. He told me he's going to work at being a receiver and we'll see what happens."

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wizards win

Everytime I turn on the Wizards-Bulls series I'm amazed at all the big time college players on the court. Juan Dixon, Jared Jeffries, Brendan Haywood, Antwan Jamison, Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, Chris Duhon. Hmmm... no way? Players who play at big time schools make good pros? You mean guys who played at the biggest stage in college can play at the pro level? Amazing...

LeBron fires his agent?

Bye bye Goodwin?
James, according to the source, may believe that he no longer needs an
agent because he likely will receive the maximum allowed in his next contract,
and there is no need for negotiation.

Friday, May 06, 2005

George W. Bush's America

Pastor: If you voted for John Kerry or the Democrats, you are no longer welcome at our church (watch the video).

I don't even know what to say, except wow.


It looks more and more like he tore his ACL. Which would mean he's done for the year. Welcome to Cleveland Romeo....

Bud Shaw discusses whether or not the Browns should take some of Winslow's contract.

Personally, I don't think you want to go taking his money for this, he is already embarrassed and hurt (physically) and I don't think it would be a good idea to mess around with his contract and hurt his pride even more.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

George W. Bush's America

A middle school has banned it's marching band from playing "Louie Louie." It's a MARCHING BAND so the alleged 'raunchy' lyrics won't even be performed. Wow.

TV News

First off, Chappelle's Show is being shut down due to reasons unknown. But the DVD of season two will still be released this month as scheduled.

Stephen Colbert is getting a Daily Show spinoff called the Colbert Report where he lampoons shows like The O'Reilly Factor and Hardball. It's going to air at 11:30 right after the Daily Show.

And finally, Will Ferrell will be hosting SNL on Saturday May 14th.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I guess it's Book Day

here at Random Thoughts. I guess October 11th is the day for Robert Jordan's 11th Wheel of Time novel, Knife of Dreams.

Shadow of the Giant

I just finished Orson Scott Card's "Shadow of the Giant" and I am extremely pleased. Giant is the fourth book of parallel novels to Card's extremely popular Ender's Saga.

Card's Shadow series is focused on Bean, the young genius from the Battle School. Giant isn't as Bean heavy as most of the Shadow novels, this focuses on many of the characters from the saga. Peter, Bean, Petra and many of the children from the Battle School who now are active in the world's affairs.

The main arc of the story is Peter trying to unite the countries of Earth under one government, and having Bean helping him before he dies.

The biggest problem I had was how quickly some of wars being fought and the democracy votes took place. These wars were over very quickly and countries joined Peter's Free People of Earth without much deliberation. I know the kids are geniuses and all, but some of the stuff seemed to happen a little too neatly.

But honestly, that didn't really bug me much; this is Card's 8th book in the series, if you've read this so far you've come to love these characters. I want to know what happens to them; to their world. This is an extremely satisfying book, the ending just what I wanted/needed.

I can't recomend this book enough, but it is a part of the series. Many people had to read Ender's Game in highschool and may be familiar with many of these characters, but you can't really appreciate Giants unless you've read at least the Shadow series, if not all of Ender's sequence.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Video Games

If you read Fark.com then you already know about IGNs readers picking the Top 99 Video Games Ever. Needless to say, the list blows. I will be making my own list shortly, but right now I just picked up Orson Scott Card's Shadow of the Giant and I won't be putting it down anytime soon.


The team is being evasive about KW Jr but ESPN reports that Winslow could lose some cash and be in trouble with the law.
Winslow purchased the 2005 Suzuki GSX-R750 last month. He could face charges of
reckless operation and operating without a valid driver's license because he
didn't have a learner's permit, Arcuri said.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Winslow's Hurt


Motorcycle... hey, don't atheletes learn? Jay Williams? Jeff Kent? Come on, the Browns invest a ton of money in you and get on a motorcycle. Nice. Not only can you endanger your contract, but you can endanger your life. Well played.


Aparently Phil Jackson is out of the running for the Cavaliers job. Aparently LeBron James likes Nate McMillan and wants him to be the coach. Hmm... Ray Allen plays for Nate right now... both of their contracts are up.... Could the Cavaliers get McMillan and use McMillan to get Allen?

I know, I'm dreaming. But the Cavs need to make some big moves this summer, and getting those two would be huge.

Stupid Liberal Media

From John Coyers (D-MI):
"Unfortunately, the mainstream media in the United States was too busy with wall-to-wall coverage of a "runaway bride" to cover a bombshell report out of the British newspapers," Conyers writes. "The London Times reports that the British government and the United States government had secretly agreed to attack Iraq in 2002, before authorization was sought for such an attack in Congress, and had discussed creating pretextual justifications for doing so."

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Morning 5-1

If anybody in the trombone section reads this, and I'm sure none of you do, I would like to apologize for missing the performances at the churches this morning. I had talked all week of skipping it all together, because I had planned a weekend trip to Purdue, but I worked it out so I could be home Saturday night and playing Sunday morning. I had my alarms set and just slept through them. Woke up a little before 9 and I had no idea where the churches were. I fucked up, plain and simple. Lo siento.

Dick Feagler

I always enjoy his columns, but I forget to read them when I'm not in NE Ohio. Sunday's was a good one:
The main question about nuclear power plants is the same today as it was years ago: What do we do with the waste? The guys who built the plants 30 years ago couldn't answer it then,l and they can't answer it now. And, in the meantime, frightening revelations show that the guys who operate these things don't know how to run them safely.

Browns Bits

Jim Brown is pissed at Ruben Droughns for holding out for a contract.
"Emphatically, I would never advise a player to do what he's done," Brown said after the morning minicamp practice. "I think an agent is incorrect because the opportunity to come to a new situation and maybe challenge for the starting job is much more important than the money he won't get this year."
Brown is being used by the team to help teach players about life in the NFL and give them advice. He's also the first one from the organization to coment on the hold out. And I think it's good that Brown is the first guy, because any criticism coming from a hall of famer is going to sting a little more than from a suit.

Also, Simon Fraser seems to be impressing at the Browns mini-camp. Says Romeo:
"This week, he's in the defensive meeting room watching film. That's a sign that the guy is motivated. In drills, he's leading the defensive linemen. His size also . . . things like that catch your eye."

Honestly, I was surprised that Fraser wasn't picked in the 7 rounds of the draft, and I think he could play for a while in the pros if he gets into the right situation.