Monday, October 31, 2005

Cavs Commercial

Home opener is Wednesday.... yes. This commercial is short, but sweet.


It has begun. Pluto is sayin it's time to see Charlie Frye in action, and Bud Shaw has begun the quetioning of Romeo Crennel.

I agree, after a loss like that, it's time to see Frye get some time. I mean, Houston! Come on guys.

As for Shaw... I don't know how saying that Crennel looks like a defensive coordinator helps anything. I mean, this team has had little talent over the past few years, it's not like Romeo is messing around with a stacked deck here. Personally, I think this year is a wash no matter what. Start judging Romeo in a year. If the Browns are still this bad come Halloween '06....

Snow is the starter

Not that I'm really surprised. Defense trumps offense, especially with a coach like Mike Brown. And a starting 5 of Snow, Hughes, James, Gooden and Z isn't exactly shabby.

Also, Terry Pluto talks about Gooden's defense and rebounding, Frye's chances of playing and the possible return of Brian Giles.

Oh, and more amo to shoot down those 'James to mythical big market team' rumors (from the first link):
Want to know the definition of being filthy rich? How about buying a $2 million home and then tearing it down. That's what James did with his Bath-area home over the summer, which he bought for $2.1 million before his rookie season in 2003. He plans to rebuild on the lot.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Manny asks to be traded again

He would be a tiny upgrade over Casey Blake, wouldn't he?

(I know, not gonna happen)

Also, I didn't have a computer for a little bit while stuff got worked on and in a semi-related note, CivIV is badass. That is all.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cavs Lose Final Preseason Game

Cause the offense still isn't ready (told ya ESPN).

(Okay, they did blow a 16 point 4th quarter lead, however, it's not exactly like the starters were playing)

Harriet Miers Withrdo (withdrawed?) Today

Hey, and right before all those pesky indictments, that should buy them some time. But it looks like Fitzgeralds office has no public announcements today.

So if shit goes down tomorrow, the media still care about Miers?

ESPN's Cavs Picks

The general consensus is that they'll be third in the division and around 4-5th in the conference.

However, Will Perdue has them finishing fourth in the division and NINETH in the conference. So he's prediciting the Cavs won't make the playoffs. So the Cavs add Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones (oh, and a healthy Luke Jackson) and DON'T improve in the East? Good, I'm glad he's getting paid to write about basketball. Way to waste some money ESPN. (Purdue is also counting on Tim Thomas to resurrect his career with the Bulls, I'll take that bet).

On the other hand, John Hollinger has them 1st in the division and 2nd in the conference overall:
Take a team that won 42 games with zero long-range shooting. Add two of the league's top bombers and, for good measure, replace Ira Newble with Larry Hughes. Jackpot.
I like his thinking!

Most guys seem to think that their defense will be a problem, and I don't buy it. If anything, I think the offense will struggle, especially early on. I think coach Brown will have them working their asses off on D.

Civ IV Update

Okay, I've played a bit so far... and... well... my computer sucks.

Well, it doesn't really suck, its just that its old, I got the computer when I first got to college 5 years ago. Everything works great, it just can't handle the Civ IV. The graphics, the sound... it all looks sweet. And once I upgrade the RAM and video card, it should run clean as a whistle.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

About the Jeffery Ross Joke

in the Sports Guy article, I googled it and found this article. Yes, it reprints the joke.

Though I have to say I liked his Courtney Love-Kurt Cobain joke from the Pam Anderson roast (How is it possible that Courtney Love looks worse than Kurt Cobain?) better. Also, gotta love the Norm mention.

Another Sports Guy Mail Bag

It's classic, as always. He also has some great Halloween suggestions:

Q: Do you have any ideas for cool Halloween costumes? I'm sick of the slutty nurse, slutty french maid, slutty [insert female occupation here]. What is the Sports Gal going as?
--Jen M., Middletown, N.J.

SG: The Sports Gal is going as a mother of a young baby who doesn't sleep enough -- a permanent scowl and eye bags and you're all set. But I'm glad you asked because a person's Halloween costume says a lot about them, especially females. Halloween costume choices are distant cousins of playing pool at a bar. In bar pool, there are two types of women -- the ones who bend over because that's the only real way to make a successful shot, or the ones who perform a half-crouch so their butt doesn't stick out ... hence, jeopardizing their chances and proving to everyone that they don't really care about winning the game, and they're only playing so guys will check them out.

(Just for the record, I dated only two half-crouchers, and neither of them lasted long. Any woman worth her salt will bend over, stick her butt out, try to make the shot and deal with the consequences of random drunken dudes leering at her rear end. This separates the keepers from the pretenders if you're choosing a mate for life -- I'm telling you. Don't end up with a half-croucher. These are also the women who wear makeup to bed during the first 6-7 weeks you're dating and pretend they never go to the bathroom until you've been dating for like four years.)

Anyway, here are the three groups of female Halloween costumes:

Group A: Girls who use their costumes as an excuse to get attention from guys. Common examples include the slutty bunny/cat/genie/nurse/angel/cop/french maid/schoolgirl or slutty anything-with-a-tail. Please note, I'm not against any of these costumes -- in fact, I support and applaud them. Mainly because they can be the equivalent of somebody holding up a sign and saying either, "I'm up for some casual sex tonight" or "I'm definitely ready to start cheating on my boyfriend." But here's the problem: Sometimes the girls who make these choices are the quiet/uptight/prudish types who think this is their way of letting loose for the year. So it's almost like playing roulette, trying to figure out what their intentions are.

(By the way, for a less trendy, somewhat slutty costume, you might want to break out the cowgirl or dominatrix gimmicks -- more elaborate, more expensive, but also more respectable, more commendable. You can't go wrong. If you don't have the money, steal it.)

Group B: Girls who go overboard and end up stuck wearing a sweaty mask or costume that legitimately hinders them for the entire night. This is bad -- like Donna Martin dressing as a mermaid for the West Beverly High Halloween party. Could potentially kill your night. Plus, you always get like four monster zits after wearing a sweaty Halloween mask for too long.

Group C: Girls who are downright creative with their costumes. For instance, two years ago at the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Halloween party, Sarah Silverman dressed up as Sexy Hitler (basically, Hitler in drag as a sexy woman). People at the party were floored. In fact, my editors are floored right now as they decide whether this paragraph can run. But those are the costumes you end up remembering, not the 550,000,000th person who dressed up like a slutty cat.

Without further ado, four suggestions for Halloween, 2005:

Costume No. 1: "Taradise"
This bangs out the "I'm still cute, you might want to think about hooking up with me later" angle, but it's also funny -- you need a blonde wig, a slutty outfit, a liquor bottle, smeared lipstick, fake scrapes on your knees and giant fake knockers. And you just need to stumble around and scream crazy things while your friends hold you up. Later, when you get drunk and start acting like this for real, people will assume that you're still playing the "Taradise" role. This also works for Courtney Love if you want to go in that direction.

Costume No. 2: Stripper
If you're going slutty, go all out -- wear a stripper's outfit, stick dollar bills in your garter belt and carry around a makeshift stripper's pole. Why not go all the way? People will notice you. Especially if you're attending a party that includes Clinton Portis.

Costume No. 3: Nicole Richie
Dress in a skeleton outfit, only with fancy clothes on. Can't miss and a guaranteed laugh when someone asks who you are.

Costume No. 4: Generic Women's College Basketball Coach
My personal favorite. First, go to Marshall's and buy the ugliest beige pants suit you can find. Second, buy a Nancy Reagan wig. Third, buy 8-inch high heels and practice walking awkwardly in them. Fourth, learn how to do that whistle where you stick your index and pinky fingers in your mouth, then make an excruciatingly loud noise. And you're good to go.

More Frye Stories

Both the PD and the ABJ have columnists calling for Charlie Frye.

In the ABJ, Tom Reeds mentions how Browns fans remember Tim Couch getting killed, but he points towards Eli Manning and Byron Leftwich as the other way it could turn out. I see his point, same thing with Peyton Manning. (In the PD, Roger Browns talks about Frye starting, this is after I think he makes up a 'Mike Piazza to the Indians' rumor and debunks it).

But lets look at David Carr of the Texans. Hows that going? Or how about Carson Palmer, who didn't play and just sat and learned? That seemed to work out. And that Tom Brady character, he seemed to back up for awhile.

So both sides have an argument. Some guys have done well after getting beat up, some guys do well by waiting and learning. I think, since the Browns have an okay running game and okay recievers, I'd rather have Frye sit and wait.

Plus, if you put Frye in now, it tells everyone that this year is over (okay, it was never really an issue, but still).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Harry Potter Likes the Libertines!

Good choice.

A Random South Park interview

On (its short, you'll like it).

Robert Jordan - Knife of Dreams

Okay, book 11 of the Wheel of Time. I started this series in 7th grade when there was just 6 books. Most people consider the first 6 the only good books of the series, and while I do think they are the better books (with #9 Winter's Heart up there) it's not like the latter books are bad. Trust me, I've read worse books (fantasy or no) than Crown of Swords or Paths of Daggers. Also, if you haven't read these books, do yourself a favor and pick them up, they are fantastic. The depth, the detail, the origionality... they are just spectacular.

Where does book 11 fit? Well, I think it's better than 7-10, though during my last re-read I really enjoyed those books more than I remember. What happens is a new WoT book comes out, and I waited 2+ years for it. So I buy it the first day it comes out, and rush through it. I'm so eager for new plot stuff that I just race through the entire thing. And during that first read, if I'm not reading about Mat, Perrin or Rand, then I'm pissed. But during a reread, where I know ahead of time I'm not going to be seeing the main 3, I can appreciate it a lot more.

But Knife of Dreams, was it worth the wait? I say yes, stuff happens, it's not all politcal, there's a good deal that occurs, some stuff I figured I'd never see. Needless to say, exciting, fun stuff.

As for what that stuff is.... well... spoilers and all that jazz...

The overall sense of the book was 'the end is near,' the last battle is coming. More and more dead people keep popping up, and even a whole town. The world ripples from time to time and the builings change. Like the hallways and the like. Rooms disagpear.

The book definitely had some smiling/chill moments. What I define as a smiling/chill moment is when I read or hear something and I just grin or get chills. Examples are whenever I read the part in The Great Hunt where Mat blows the Horn or when I first heard George Harrison's version of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I just get chills and start grinning. Well, this book had its moments too.

The first time was when Nynaeve went to the Borderlands and recruited people to ride for Malkier. Seeing here ask the men to ride with Lan, for their forgotten country... awesome. I mean, that is just cool.

The second really sweet part was the Trolloc attack on Rand in...(okay, so I forget what palace he was in at the time, he jumps around a lot). Rand and Logain began to fight back witht he normal fireballs and stuff... but then Rand loses control of saidin and Lews Therin takes over. Rand can't control whats going on and he starts making crazy weapons. And they are bad ass. These giant fire flower tornado things (or something like that) and some Deathgates (like gateways). And he just keeps doing cool shit, but Rand has no idea what he's doing and can't control it. Also, Logain starts copying the weaves, so you have a lot of badass shit happening.

Those two scenes stuck out to me as the best in the book.

But the biggest part of the book was that plot threads got wrapped up. Jordan spent a lot of the last few books setting things up; positions people and events, like a calm before the storm. Well, a lot of them end here. Perrin and Faile get reunited, which I was grateful for. I just got sick of all the Shaido Aiel stuff to be honest. Just plain sick of them, and when they captured Faile, which made Perrin stop doing cool wolf kickass stuff, well, this shit had to end.

And it does here, it actually ends. The only real intersting part of the whole Faile rescue was the fact that Perrin had to fight Aram, the tinker. I think this was Jordan's 'gasp' moment: Aram turning on Perrin. Not completely unforseen, but many people (including myself) liked Aram. I liked the violent tinker. It's too bad he died. [The 'gasp' moment Jordan mentioned was the Ayamar's mass suicide, meh].

Also, one of Min's first viewings of Rand was of a bloody hand. This could've been about his heron-marked hands or maybe Mat's Band of the Red Hand. But we learn in book 11 it had to do with him losing his (left?) hand, in a fight with Semirhage. It was a quick battle, Rand went to see the Seanchan, expecting to see the Daughter of Nine Moons, and he's strolling up with a bunch of channelers and they get attacked by Semirhage. But Rand is the only main person seriously hurt and Semirhage gets captured rather easily. I'm torn on this scene. It felt really really rushed (as was the Aram scene), and though it was cool, it just went too quick.

The Band of the Red Hand returns, which is always fun, with Olver and is 'Uncles.' The Mat and Tuon scenes are some of the most fun in the book, with each side not trusting the others cultural beliefs. Oh, they finally get married. Mat is actually married to the Daughter of Nine Moons, I never thought I'd see the day.

Elayne's main plot thread wraps up nicely too. She wins the Crown of Andor AND she captures some Black Ajah (but not before getting caught hereself). I was worried sick when Elayne got captured towards the end of the book, cause I didn't want this thread hanging over into the next one. It was so close to being completed that I wanted it finished, I didn't want to wait. And thank God, I didn't. Jordan had her saved within a chapter or two and that was that.

Also, the Rebel sisters figure out that Halima can channel saidin and she ran off. We find out who ratted out the Rebels to Elaida and we figure out who killed Adelas. Also, we see Tam and Elyas again (but still no Hurin).

My big surprise was that Jordan might still bring back Moiraine. We finally get to see the letter that she wrote to Thom. Mat asks to see and Thom shows it to him, thats all it took. And they mention the plan to go save her, with the Tower of Ghengi and all of that. (See various theories for more explanation). After book Crossroads of Twilight, I didn't expect to see Moiraine again, I figured with the way the plot was trodding along now, there's no way we'd see her again with two books left. I mean, at this point she's been gone for more books than she was in.

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. But I was going to enjoy it no matter what. Personally, I don't think Jordan can finish up the series in just one more book. I just don't. And I'd rather he not. Since we're close to the end, and we can all see it coming, I don't really mind waiting for him to take his time. I'd rather him take 5 years and have a thorough, complete last battle with lots of detail, instead of some quick stuff. Like if Logain comes in and says he just battled Taim and killed him. That would suck, I need to see everything happen. He spent tons of time and pages building up these stories, and if he just runs through the last book just to finish it... oiy.

But anyway, for more thoughts on the book (cause this post took me awhile, I'm not exactly sure how coherent this is), here's a KoD discussion I recently had, enjoy:
AJBoucek: so. what were your thoguhts on the book
AJBoucek: now that i've been through it
Benny08302: i think he rushed stuff
Benny08302: i mean, i enjoyed it, but i was going to enjoy it no matter what, you know?
AJBoucek: i think he should have brought mat perrin and rand together as they were in the first few least periodically
AJBoucek: that way we can get all the main characters and storyline moving in minimum pages
Benny08302: plus i tend to rush through a new one right when i get, i enjoy them more on rereads
Benny08302: yea, like he keeps hinting at shit
Benny08302: like that mat perrin and rand should be to together
Benny08302: but he doesnt do it
AJBoucek: i hate how he writes sometimes. he'll spend a chapter on some random character i don't care about...and its not that i don't enjoy the sidestory point of view....but the whole time i'm thinking of how i'd rather be reading about the main characters
AJBoucek: so taims demandred?......thats what i gather. not like it hasn't been assumed for the last few books
Benny08302: tahts what im sayin, i did a reread a few summers ago, and really enjoyed the secondary character stuff, but when i read it the first time i get all pissed off that im not reading about a main character
AJBoucek: its like if you would come out with them faster i wouldn't mind all that stuff
AJBoucek: btu i feel like "ok i get 600 pages for the next 3 years....." and then it turns out 200 of them are on shit i don't really care for
Benny08302: allegedly this is the second to alst book
AJBoucek: i really hate elaynes point of view
AJBoucek: yeah 13 is the number i think
AJBoucek: 13 spokes on a wheel
Benny08302: yea, plus i think theres no way he ends it in one book
AJBoucek: but i had heard this was going to bethe last battle book
AJBoucek: and trhe next was going to be like new age of legends shit....and then in the final book he does shit with a new age or something. but i guess not
Benny08302: i thought the taim/demandred thing was debunked
AJBoucek: like you firgure he killed all those forsaken and now they're back
Benny08302: he has to start the whole moiraine rescue
AJBoucek: clarify what you mean by debunked?
Benny08302: and complete it
Benny08302: like i thought a character (i forget, some punk) talked to taim and then talked to demandred, and thus proved that they werent the same
Benny08302: or some crap
AJBoucek: i really dislike the women point of views. i wish he'd write just from mat/rand/perrin for the last few books and knock this shit out
AJBoucek: i dunno taim is one of the forsaken though
AJBoucek: that last line where he says "let the lord of chaos rule"
AJBoucek: \wasn't it only the forsaken that had that order
AJBoucek: like all the forsaken he killed are alive come on, is balefire good for nothing
AJBoucek: i had counted them as finished its like hes going to have to deal with them all again...or all at once which i think would be kidna lame myself
Benny08302: like, i assumed we were going to get smaller towards the end, all the characters would meet up and then we'd have a single point of view (or mulitple points of view from one scene)
AJBoucek: yeah
AJBoucek: like tie up loose ends and bring everything back together
AJBoucek: i don't want the series to end with a bunch of shit not resolved ect
Benny08302: yea, but i hope he doesnt just try to tie shit up really quickly
Benny08302: like he killed aram in two paragraphs
AJBoucek: like if the books end without giving closure to certain characters ect it would be kind of lame.
AJBoucek: i hated aram anyway
AJBoucek: aram was a little punk bitch
Benny08302: true, but it was like hey my body guard is attacking me, hey hes full of arrows, next page
AJBoucek: haha
Benny08302: and the whole faile rescue was anticlimatic
Benny08302: for being drawn out for like 5 books
AJBoucek: i liked the chapter where lan left nynaeve to go to tarwins gap and then she goes and rallies all those malkier ppl for him
Benny08302: yea, that scene and the scene where rand lost control and lews therin started doign crazy shit
AJBoucek: i personally wish faile had died a long time ago. i was never a fan of her character and i think perrin's character would be a lot more interesting if he was like this brooding general type who lost his wife
Benny08302: i did like the tam apperance
AJBoucek: yeah its just like rand never tells anyone wabout lwes therin
Benny08302: like if the last battle doesnt involve mat, perrin, rand and a comination of lan/tam/logain/elyas killing things...
AJBoucek: logain is bitching about how hes holding onto the soure ect and rand says nothing but he should say "hey i'd shut your fucking mouth before this crazy guy kills us all"
Benny08302: ha
Benny08302: and the whole semirhige thing was too quick also
AJBoucek: thast what makes the interactions so good but so irritating at teh same time. no two characters are ever aware of all teh information at the same time
AJBoucek: so its like theres that "whens he gonna find out" kind of feel
Benny08302: which he kinda does n purpose to make it like 'real life' because no one always shares everything, but as a reader, reading along watching,its frustrating
Benny08302: like the whole halima shit
Benny08302: with egwene, your god damn headaches are from the bitch
AJBoucek: i hate how the men take it up the ass too. they just let women walk all over them in these books.
Benny08302: ya
Benny08302: also, no fain/shadar harin/slayer, waht gives
Benny08302: no fade/dark one rape scenes
AJBoucek: like come the fuck on you 3 are ta'veren and have all these powers/skills ect and yet you let these people who don't know teh half of it walk all over you
AJBoucek: haha rape scenes
AJBoucek: yeah what ever happend with that slayer guy...i bet he shows up at tower og ghenji
AJBoucek: wasn't he like half rands uncle or something
Benny08302: yea, like a lan uncle/rand uncle combo or some crap
AJBoucek: i hate fain too. i think he shoulda been killed off in any number of the scenes rands fought with him. everytime i think "this will be the end of that fucking jew peddler" but no he makes it out alive
Benny08302: hes gonna be gollum
AJBoucek: haha
AJBoucek: yeah but the female points of view like elaynes ect...those kill the whole books
AJBoucek: like they make book 5 unreadable
AJBoucek: in tanchico.....and this book gets really boring in those chapters
Benny08302: also, aviendha can now tell ter'angreal by touching them
AJBoucek: that was kinda cool. it at least added something to elayne bitching about her 'babes'
Benny08302: so egwene can make cuellindar, nynaeve can heal stilling, elayne can make ter'angreal and they are all super powerful
AJBoucek: they should just have rand mat and perrin come together and start killing shit.
Benny08302: yes, a scene with mats luck, the wolves and rand blowing shit up
AJBoucek: and like that steam engine thing....
Benny08302: mat can make guns
AJBoucek: like herid fel was a cool character until the gholam wasted him
Benny08302: yea, that thing wasnt in here either
AJBoucek: but that was way back
AJBoucek: now they bring up his steam engine and shit....its like jordans way of ushering in a new age
AJBoucek: rememebr when that gholam killed that old guy fell in cairenhein
Benny08302: yea
AJBoucek: like apparently that guy had solved soem jaor shit....but never got to reveal it b/c he died
AJBoucek: i bet thats never resolved
Benny08302: i thought he gave rand the idea on how to cleanse sadin
AJBoucek: like the earlier books there was more face time with the main people and more oh them actually fighting or doing shit. now its kinda like a news report. "rand met with bashere, rand traveled here"
AJBoucek: much less personal or soemthing, i dunno
Benny08302: mats gotten decent face time the last few books, which has been cool, i like mat
AJBoucek: maybe i missed that....i thoguht he died before he could tell anyone and they made it out to be this huge thing
AJBoucek: yeah mat had a good story this book
Benny08302: perrins face time has been annoying as hell
Benny08302: and rands has been uneventful
AJBoucek: but at the same time i feel spent the whole book riding with valan luca and tuon...get to advancing this shit faster
Benny08302: im just glad theres no more luca
AJBoucek: haha
Benny08302: i like how he basically said the noal was jain farstrider
Benny08302: er... 'cousins'
AJBoucek: haha
AJBoucek: see i think i'm forgetting shit b/c how did mat first end up with jain
AJBoucek: lor noal if you will
Benny08302: he saved him from the gholam i think
Benny08302: at soem point, and then just stuck around
AJBoucek: i didn't reread shit when i picked this one up so i was like just going with the flow when they named 50 dif aes sedai i didn't remember and shit
Benny08302: plus there was 'noal' sightings throughout the early books, old wrangly hermit guy hanging out in the background
AJBoucek: reaaaly
AJBoucek: i was unaware of this

Kind of a Hudson Shout Out

When the strip first started, he lived in Hudson.

Dilfer is Still the Starter

As much as I would love to see Frye get some reps, Dilfer will be (and should be) starting this week vs the Texans.

If he has a really bad week in practice, he may not. But it looks like Dilfer gets at least one more week before the Browns hand the team to Frye. But Dilfer will probably have to play really bad and the Browns will probably have to give Houston their first win of the year if we expect to see Frye.

I want to Vomit

Ugh (via Americablog)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Baxter done for the Year


Pluto: Don't Believe the Manny Hype

Manny will not be coming back to Cleveland, says Pluto.

The agent for Manny Ramirez told ESPN's Peter Gammons that his client might be willing to be traded to the Los Angeles Angels or the Indians. Keep in mind that this is coming from Ramirez's camp. The Boston Red Sox are in no hurry to deal a guy who hit .292 with 45 home runs and 144 RBI unless they receive big-time players in return. Ramirez does have the right to veto any trade.

The Indians won't be able to trade for Ramirez because of his contract ($55 million remaining over three years) and the players whom they would have to give up. Even if Boston picked up 50 percent of the contract, it's doubtful that the Tribe would trade someone like Cliff Lee. The Angels have major bucks and could be in the market. Odds are Ramirez will be back in Boston.

Thome could be an easier get, but we basically have Thome in Travis Hafner... Personally, I would send out a feeler or two to Boston, just to see how high their asking price will be. I think if Manny or Thome came back, the fans would come in bunches.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

World Series Stuff

There's really no 'evil' team this year, and both teams are Cleveland-esq.

When I watch championship games in whatever sport, and if one of my teams isn't in it, I try to root for the team most like Cleveland. My logic: Cleveland fans have been sucker punched a lot, and I'd rather not see other fans go through it, so if Team A won recently and Team B hasn't won in 50+ years and has had a few heartbreaking losses, I'm going with Team B.

Well, both the Sox and the Astros haven't won a World Series in 2492390 years, so there's no problem there. I probably should root for Houston, just because the city of Chicago has had the Bulls recently, while Houston has had... the Comets? AND Houston lost the Oilers, very Browns-esq.

But I find myself rooting for the White Sox, I'm not sure why. Maybe I'd like to have the WS winner in the Tribes division, or maybe I just dislike the NL. I dunno, but I'll be rooting for the Chi Sox. As for a prediction... White Sox in 6.

Also, has been pretty good recently. This is an article about the Yankee stories (you know, how the Yankees have their 2003 pitching rotation in the World Series) and this one take on Boston's retarded Dan Shaughnessy and his 'curse boner'.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cavs Stuff

So the Cavs are redoing their entertainment presentation for the home games. They have a new announcer, former channel 19 sports caster Ronnie Duncan. I don't mind the Duncan too much, but I hear they have a new, blonde 'in game host' which the PD described as 'boisterous' (big boobed).

The same crap happend a few years ago, when the Cavs first got LeBron. Suddenly the cheerleaders got hotter and the dance routines got more prevocative. They suddenly got a new, annoying, mascot named Moondog, which doesn't exactly make sense for team called the Cavaliers.

While at a game in LeBron's rookie season, I took a survey on how I much importance I gave certain elements of the Gund Arena experience. They also called me a few days later, to see how I enjoyed that particular game. I told them how I go to a few games every year, how much I hate Moondog, how I don't really care about the Cavaliers Girls, or their hip hop break dance team... It's a basketball game, promote the basketball, don't distract from it.

But Gilbert just redid the arena; he put up a new jumbotron, he changed the seat colors and he just redid the entire locker room. So if he wants to upgrade stuff, go right ahead. My problem is that the higher ups seem to think that this stuff is important. You know, the cheerleaders, the mascot, crazy nicknames from the in game announcers.


If the Cavs are a good team (and they should be) no one is going to care about the 'game entertainment.' You ever hear about the 90s Bulls cheerleaders? Or their mascot or dance teams? Or how bout the old Celtics? Anyone?

Focus a lot of stuff on basketball. Show clips from Hoosiers, have Cavs trivia, show historic Cavs plays. Have a ton of stats on the scoreboard, just keep the basketball fans happy. And if the team wins? They will be.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


So he's still sick, was in the hospital less than a week ago... and he scores 26 points (9 in the last 2 minutes?!). As Pluto says, wasn't he supposed to be resting?

Though, Pluto does talk of LeBron's fundamentals... which I think are okay. A lot of guys in the NBA don't have much in the fundamentals department, mainly cause their athetlicism compensates for it. I don't think LeBron is that different. Don't get me wrong, I love the kid to death, but he travels like a mother fucker. I mean, sometimes its a blatant 3 steps, if not 3 and a half... I'm just sayin

Hudson In the News

Okay, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, so it isn't exactly national, but still...

I never knew the kid, all the kids I was in high school with have since graduated (creepy), enjoy nonetheless.

Inn Town Homes, Worse than Hometeam?

Could it be, could my new landlords be worse than my old ones?

I came home today, after classes, at 4 pm. I heated up some left over pizza for a snack and made a sandwhich for my dinner break at work in the evening.

I work at 5, and it takes me about a half hour to get there, so I left the apartment a little before 4:30. I go to lock our front door and there is a piece of paper taped to it. It's from or landlord.

It says my apartment owes $185 in rent still. And if we don't get that in soon, we will charged late fees and they will begin the eviction process.

Now... rent got to Inn Town no later than Oct. 5th, but probably earlier. Rent was paid in full. $1400 was sent out, $1400 was cashed. $350 a person. Like it says on our lease.

I was in the kitchen the entire time I was home, less than a half hour, they never even knocked on the door... they just taped the on the door and ran away. So this is our first notice that any money is due. A piece of paper taped to the door.

No letter.

No phone call.


At least with Hometeam, they would call some of us first, and ask where the money is. And if we were actually due money, they would tell us what it was for. And they have all of our phone numbers. But no calls.

So not only did we not get any warnings or phone call checkups... we don't even know why we owe money! Excellent job boys. Excellent job...

Remember the Social Security Crisis?


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I've heard this argument before, and it wouldn't surprise me if its true. But honestly, how would you ever prove this? You could never really do it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


If I thought I was full of spare time before.... come Tuesday... I'm done for.

SI has the Cavs 5th in the East

Needless to say, I disagree.

They got Indiana 1st, followed by Miami, New Jersey, Detroit and then Cleveland.

I would put Miami first, cause, you know, they got that Shaq fella. That's about it, right now I think everything else is up for grabs and I definitely don't see the Nets being ahead of the Cavs. And the Pacers could end up in first place, but Ron Artest could also kill some one. You just don't know.

I can't imagine the Cavs NOT having homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs. I just don't see it.

Sports Guy on the Houston Collapse

He's been there, Cleveland fans have been there... welcome to the club Houston fans.

However, he ends the column with come basebal thoughts, and these are gold:

• Did you notice that Pujols, who's allegedly only 25 -- even though his 25-and-under stats dwarf the 25-and-under stats of pretty much everyone in the history of baseball -- is already going bald? Nobody's questioning this? Even John Cusack and Nic Cage had hair when they were 25.

(Put it this way: If Pujols is 25, and LeBron is 20, and Freddie Adu is 16 ... I'd like to announce that I turned 28 last month.)

• Question: Does Frank Thomas count for Ewing Theory purposes this season? Was he relevant enough to qualify, or was he too washed up? What about Jeff Bagwell, who's only in this playoffs in spirit? Does he count? Was he even good enough? I'm ruling "no" for both, but I'm willing to accept counter-arguments. With that said, what would be stranger than the Red Sox' winning in 2004 without Nomar, followed by the White Sox' winning in 2005 without Thomas?

• But seriously ... have playoff beards ever not been enjoyable? This could and should be the gimmick that saves the WNBA next season.

Yesterdays Alertcation

Check out the Cheney/Miller/Iraq/Plame list

Possible Charlie Frye Sighting?

Crennel wasn't too happy after this weekends loss the Baltimore Ravens and he's been saying that no starter is safe on the offensive side of the ball.

That includes the QB.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Frye got some playing time... however, I fully expect Dilfer to be the starter unless the wheels really fall off. Though, if the offense is sucking it up with Dilfer back there, I don't exactly see why the Browns should throw Frye to the wolves right away.

Again, unless the season looks completely lost, expect Dilfer to remain the starter.

The NBA Dress Code

The NBA just started a new dress code for its players (for league functions and when they're on the bench injured and the like). Some people have made a big deal out of this, some players aren't happy (Marcus Camby said the league needs give players a clothes stipen... even though they make millions... right).

Personally, I don't see what the big deal is, the NBA is your employer and if they want to have a dress code, then they can have a dress code. I work at Barnes and Noble, I think I could wear some nice jeans while at work and still look good. Does it matter? No. They have a dress code, and if I want to work there, I have to abide by it.

I've heard it called cultural imperialsim and I've heard the 'free country' argument. Look, its a job, the company wants you to look nice on the job. Thats it.

Monday, October 17, 2005


West Wing was good and very interesting tonight. So interesting that a politcal move is actually being discussed at the TPMCafe.

White Sox

Honestly, I'm glad its the White Sox in the series. Of all the AL teams, they were the least 'bought' team. The Yanks and Red Sox? Ha. The Angels? Vlad and Bartolo aren't exactly home grown. Plus the Angels won recently.

Here's my deal, if the Red Sox can win, and if the White Sox DO win, then the Tribe has got to be coming up right? I mean, if we're ending WS Championship droughts, then the Tribes time should be up soon... right....? anyone....?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fan of West Wing and Sports Night?

You'll like this.

What the Fuck?

Toledo? Nazis? Wha?

Greatest Game Ever Played

That was the headline for the article.

But the column itself has one of the greatest games ever played. Which I can agree with...

But THE Greatest? Some Fiesta Bowl a few years back has my vote...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Billmon: The Problems Bush is Facing

are of his and the GOPs own making.

Grady Sizemore

The Star.

Now, I like Grady as much as anyone does, but I think we should just slow down and take it easy on the whole 'star' thing. Do I think he could be? Do all reports say he's a level headed kid and this won't go to his head? Yes and yes.

But lets just slow down and realize this kid just completed his first big league season, he may have a slump next year (Jody Gerut anyone?).

Cavs Stuff

With James out, the Cavs lose in the preseason, but that means Luke Jackson gets more playing time.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Instant Replay in Baseball

After the weird end to last nights Angels-Sox game, there's been more grumblings about instant replay in baseball.

It might happen, it might not, I dunno. If it did happen, I think it would be best served for foul balls and homeruns. I'm not sure how much it could do with balls and strikes.... Also, what would instant replay have done last night?

The problem with the play was that the umpire was hesitant with his call PLUS the fact that it was a close play. AND after seeing that replay a million and a half times I STILL don't know if the catcher caught it or trapped it. So replay last night would've been useless.

The catcher should've tagged the batter just to be safe, it happens all the time. The umpire messed up, true, but it wasn't like that play brought the winning run home (though the Sox eventually got him in).

This is the same crap that was pulled in the Bartman thing. Sure it sucked what happened, but theres still outs to go, its only a guy at first base with two outs (and the Bartman thing was just a strike). So can we please hold off on the baseball replay stuff. Replay would've done nothing here.

I'm Sure Glad the Vikings Traded Randy Moss

So they can be distraction-free this season.

Cavs Win

Preseason game, but LeBron is hurt.

Preseasom stats in the NBA can be counted on a little better than the NFL or Spring Training, but not a lot. The article talks abot Luke Jackson shutting down Paul Peirce, The Truth still scored a game high 18 (and who knows how competeitive it was out there).

The Fafblog George W Bush Interview



I knew he mentioned on air that there were 13 links between something good happening to a Demopcrat or something bad happening to the administration and the raising of the terror color.

Well, here it is in print. And we wonder why people are cynical.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A-Rod adn Choking

Everyone says this guy chokes come playoffs... well, has something to say about that.

All that Rove Stuff

may be just the beginning.

O.A.R. - Stories of a Stranger

Ah, O.A.R. One of my favorite bands. I just started to really hear about them my freshman and sophmore years at college. I loved their first two albums, Wanderer and Soul's Aflame and Sepe and I played the shit out of them while we played XBox our sophmore year. I'd argue with people who called them 'Oar' not 'O-A-R,' it'd be like calling R.E.M. 'Rem,' get it right. And we even took a road trip to Cinci to see them live (and stayed with Crazy Bill... good times).

They also released their first major label ablum In Between Now and Then sophmore year. I was torn on the album, it had a few good tracks, Hey Girl (again), James, Risen and Right on Time. But some of the album seemed too mellow or too jammish (I love the band, but they aren't good enough to be a 'real' jam band).

Then I saw them in concert in Columbus. Toothpick opened, this was the first time I've even heard of Toothpick, and he was a delight. Then Robert Randolph and the Family Band played, and fucking rocked. Hard. They had the entire place jumpin.

Then O.A.R. came out and proceded take it down a notch. Slow jam songs, too much saxomaphone. I was bummed. They weren't bad, but they were better when we saw them before.

So when I heard they had a new album coming out, I was luke warm. They had one of the songs up to listen to on, Love and Memories. The song didn't sound 'O.A.R.ish' but it wasn't a bad song. In fact, it was pretty catchy. And after a few times listening through the CD, if this song isn't a radio hit, then I don't know what is.

When I first heard the CD, I didn't like it. I became the 'I like their early stuff' guy. It was way to polished for me. To studio slick. But...

I have a 6 CD changer in my car, and 99% of the time I have 6 CDs in there. I keep finding myself coming back to this CD. The CD has grown on me. I had to get over the fact that it doesn't sound like City on Down or Night Shift.

The first track, Heard the World, is pretty sweet stuff. The chorus is catchy as hell. It's followed by Love and Memories, which I really think I'll be sick of after Top 40 radio gets ahold of it. But for now? Delightful.

The most 'old school' song on here is Wonderful Day, which was actually on their last live album, 34th and 8th.

The Stranger and Lay Down sound very U2ish to me. If you like U2, then it's cool, if you're lukewarm.... Though with Lay Down, I do like once it gets into it, it's the beginning I'm so-so on.
O.A.R. does show their reggae roots on Stories of a Stranger, with Program Director and One Shot. Both songs are good, but One Shot is pretty badass. One Shot is a song that I think can stand up to any old O.A.R. song out there.

It took me a few listens (sadly) to pick up that Dakota was a song about John Lennon. Dakota was the building Lennon lived in during his New York (final) years. The song mentions "a thief awaiting Double Fantasy" (his last album released in his life) and how "outside Dakota died the symphony." It's a good song, though I wasn't exactly expecting a Lennon tribute on a O.A.R. album, when you think of O.A.R. influences, Lennon isn't exactly the first to come to mind.

So, O.A.R. has a new album that is slickly produced. What do you do?
A) Bitch and moan about how they sold out?
B) Complain about the over-produced sound and bitch about how you liked the old O.A.R. sound
C) Get over yourself, give it a chance and actualyl enjoy the damn thing
D) Just put on The Wanderer and not think about it

My first choice was B, but upon further review, C turned out to be the right choice. Ya, they sound different, but the lyrics are still good and the songs are still fun.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

About "No Update Tuesday"

Class early, then homework, then work, then home... aka no time for much today.

Oh yea, also, if there is a little lag in some postings... I'm reading this.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Stephen Lynch - Craig Machine

At first, before I heard the album, I didn't care for the title. I didn't know what it meant, but still, Craig Machine? Dumb.

However, after giving it a good listen or 5, I love the title.

The whole album (concert) is filled with catchy acoustic tunes, with hilarious and sometimes offensive lyrics. Where if you know anything about me, I love acoustic guitar stuff and offensive jokes. So it works for me.

And some of the songs are off color. The nazi references galore (Little Tiny Moustasche), some herpes fun(Love Song), abortion and SIDS jokes (Baby) and rocking nerd song (D&D).

I don't want to get too much more in depth than that, cause I don't want to spoil the jokes. But needless to say, this album is pretty sweet.

As for the title, the song Craig deals with Jesus's partying, drinking, rock and roll brother Craig. It's awesome.

Penn State Weekend

First of all, I had a blast. I'm not one of those people who, if their team loses, their day is ruined. Now, if my team wins, I'm on cloud nine. But if OSU or the Cavs or Tribe or Browns lose, I'm bummed, but I can still have a good time. So I was gonna have a good time no matter this weekend, win or lose.

Most of the Penn State people (Valerie's friends, the people we tailgated by and the fans we sat by) were pretty cool. There were a few who were dumbasses like:
"OSU is gonna lose out"
Excellent point fucker, cause if we lost to Penn State, who can we beat? Good logic.
"Fuck Ohio"
You live in Pennslyvania. They're basically the same state, we share Lake Erie, come on. It's not like you live in Florida or California, you live in Pennslyvania. We have Amish, you have Quakers, thats about it.
"Can't beat Texas"
Thanks, good luck with that.

Though, overall, the kids were nice, intelligent fans. Mostly, they're just happy they matter again. To be honest, the fans who disapointed me the most were the OSU fans by us. We were near a whole section of Buckeyes, and no one made noise. There were a few people who tried to start cheers with us, but in general they seemed pissed that I was yelling. If you're gonna drive anywhere from 3-6 hours to go a game, at least try to, oh I dunno, have fun! Like I'm the bad guy cause I was jumping around at a night game between two nationally ranked Big 10 teams.

My bad.

What was weird, and unexpected, is that I seemed to gain the respect of Penn State fans (completely on accident). Throughout the game me and a few PSU fans ribbed each other back and forth. You know, questioned each teams plays, yelled cheers at each other, that type thing. And after the game, after OSU lost, we were shaking hands and saying good game and crap (cause honestly that was a good game) and people were like 'you're a good fan man, you showed up today.' Which was cool, I guess, if unexpected. But I mean I was hanging with these guys all game long, so it wasn't out of the blue. What was out of the blue, was that while we were watching their fans attempt a field rush (honestly, boooo, you call that rushing the fields, I didn't even see any dumpster fires after the game, and they call themselves fans) a Penn State women and her husband came down from like 5-10 rows behind me (I hadn't spoken with them all game) she came down and says,

"You did a good job tonight. You handled yourself really well. I just wanted to let you know I respected that"

Um... thanks? I mean, talk about coming out of nowhere. But hey, if I can help change the national perception of OSU fans inadvertently, I'll do it.

Now for the game....

The offense lost the game for the team. End of story. The defense played well, not great, but good enough to win. The offense gave up a INT to the 2 yard line. Thanks guys.

I know I'm one of the few Justin Zwick fans out there, but can we agree that Troy Smith also sucks? Can we at least get over ourselves about Troy Smith? He. Cannot. Throw. The. Football. The offense is bad. It just is. This isn't new. People bitch about Zwick and all this crap, but you know what? At least he has some pocket awareness. Smith has absolutely no feel for it at all.

I said earlier this year (after either the Texas or San Diego State game) that I don't believe Zwick has started his last game this year. He definitely hasn't seen the last of some meaningful playing time.

Also, I love Ginn to death, but can someone tell the kid to run forward? He runs sideways, thinking he's gonne break one, and he gets nothing.

Okay, that's it, I have some pictures up (there will be captions eventually) at


Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekend Shit

If theres no updates this weekend, its because I going to PA this weekend to go to the Penn State vs Ohio State game. It's a night game, in Happy Valley. Off a bye week. AKA the time Tressel teams shine.... However, some people are picking OSU (though he mentions the nailbiter in 03, he fails to mention the loss Penn State recieved in 04).

Also, Sepe and I will be staying with my friend Valerie from high school.

This was also the same New Years eve this picture was taken.
Needless to say, no one remembers much of that night.

Anyway, I will be gone all weekend embarrassing a good friend and pissing off a bunch of Penn State fans (aka getting my ass kicked). Apparently Sepe and I have been hyped up, so lets hope we can live up to it.

Come Monday there should be some sweet stories. Peace

Stupid Liberal Media

It stories like this, that when people say the media, or CBS for that matter, is liberal, makes my head explode.

Some Rove Updates

From Billmon.

Cavs Practicing Defense!

Wah? Coach Brown is making them play defense?

If you watched any of the Cavs games last year, you knew they were terrible at defense. A couple games stuck out to me, the first being the game where LeBron scored 50+ points and the Cavs lost to Toronto (also known as the last game Paul Silas was paid to coach). The other game was vs NJ, on the road. The Cavs had a big lead all game, then choked it away down the stretch. But they had the lead going into the final play. New Jersey ball, just a second of two on the clock, inbounds from half court.... Richard Jefferson runs a backdoor alley oop.... perfect pass... uncontested layup... game over. That's right, the last play of the game, with 1 second left, the Cavs gave up an alley oop. Well. Done,

As Pluto says:

The basic basketball play is the pick-and-roll, a two-man play. One guy dribbles the ball, the other guy stands in the way of a defender. The hope is to cause confusion for the defense.

A year ago, it sure did for the Cavs, a team that never could decide how to defend the pick-and-roll. Do they want to be aggressive, jump out and double-team the dribbler? Or lay back and take away the dribble-drive to the basket?

Or... what?

Last year, the Cavs often stared at that play like a caveman who just saw someone light a match for the first time. They were utterly dumbfounded, frozen in their tracks.


Spots Guy Goodnes

Column is good as always and the he has a great Theisman/MaGuire impression. But this bit is really true:

Remember when Baltimore won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer? That was the year when everyone collectively decided, You don't need a good quarterback to win a championship ... heck, you don't even need a QB with a full head of hair! As long as Generic QB could make some plays and avoid killer turnovers, your team had a chance. At least, that's what we thought.

Well, five years have passed. And I'm here to tell you something: You need a good quarterback to win a championship.

Dilfer's brief, Joshua Jackson-like apex for the Ravens turned out to be deceiving. That was a goofy season in the National Football League. Many contenders from 1996-2000 sacrificed their long-term cap flexibility for a short-term fix, shelling out crippling bonuses without fully realizing the ramifications. That opened the door for the '00 Ravens and the '01 Pats, unequivocally the two least talented champions of the past 20 years. In particular, New England's title was astounding if you examine its team statistics and personnel at the time; in David Halberstam's upcoming book, he even quotes Bill Belichick as screaming on the sideline at the end of the Rams' game, "Can you believe we won the f***ing Super Bowl with this team?"

But here's the other thing: Trent Dilfer is better than you think. Did you know he made the Pro Bowl in 1997 and even won a playoff game? Did you know his postseason record is 5-1? As he showed during Baltimore's Super Bowl season, he's a big guy who can throw deep, absorb a pounding and keep his team in games. Now he's one of the few reliable veteran QBs in the league. Maybe he won't carry an offense, but you can certainly compete with him. And you know what? Half the teams in the league would kill to have him.

Two things, A) Fuck yea Dilfer! Whoo hoo! B) He's right about the Ravens and the Pats, both those teams weren't that good. The first thing I said after the Pats won their first SB was "These guys will not be in the playoffs next year." And they weren't. Then they built their team better, Brady got better, and they just went nuts. Anyway, good shit.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Lennon Book

By his first wife Cynthia. I haven't read it yet, but odds are I will. Lets see, work in a book store and a huge Beatle fan. Ya, this will be read at one point.

Some Ohio Politics Stuff

On the Dkos front page. Interesting... to me at least...

Some Rude Pundit Goodness

The whole post is good (about conservatives being divided on Bush's SCOUTUS nominee), but this part has been sticking with me for the last few days:
And then Ponnuru joined the party liberals have been having for about, let's say, four and a half years now: "[T]he argument that the administration making is, this was a good decision because the president made it and the president makes good decisions. And that might be enough for a monarchy, but it's plainly not a persuasive argument in a democratic system." Which used to be called "questioning a President at a time of war" or "treasonous" or some such shit when it was the rest of us who asked Bush to actually persuade us that he's right. Hey, National Review, welcome back to America - now why don't you help clean up the fuckin' mess you made?

Smell that?

Ah, the start of the NBA season. We're starting to get all the training camp stories.

Like the new guy story. Or the changing role story.

As for the new guy, I have high expectations for Hughes, and I don't see any reasons why he won't meet them. Hughes can play D (something NONE of the Cavs did last year), can pass, can rebound and I've been convinced of his shooting.
Hughes’ 3-point shooting is the biggest misconception about his game to date. In 2003-04, Hughes was 34 percent from downtown and made 79 three’s in 61 games. He was shooting above 35 percent this year before breaking his right thumb (shooting hand) in January. That 35 percent should sound familiar. It’s the same percentage as Redd himself. Yet Redd was a higher priority? Hughes shooting is getting better, and he isn’t in his prime yet.

As for Gooden embracing defense? It's a contract year... defense doesn't give you numbers... no numbers = no money. If new coach Mike Brown can convince Gooden to play defense, then he's a better coach than I hoped for.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Busy Day

Light blogging today, I work at both my jobs and have 2 classes... so not a lot of depth.

Signing Millwood

Obviously a HUGE priority in the offseason. Lets hope they can work something out.

Another Basketball Recruit

Signs with OSU

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Double the Pluto

Double the goodness.

First he talks about the Tribe and how they pulled off the rare feat of simutaniously overachieving AND choking in the same season.

Then he addresses those riduculous LeBron leaving Cleveland rumors we hear so much of.

NBA Stuff

Here's the scenario. Eddy Curry misses the end of his contract year with a heart problem. His team, the Bulls, are afraid that A) he might miss more time in the future and aren't eager to give him millions of guaranteed dollars (he's not even a sure bet when he's healthy) and B) he might, you know, die from said heart problem. So the team asks Curry to take a DNA test to see if he is susceptible to a potentially fatal heart problem.

Curry balks, citing his privacy. First off, Curry is a dumbass, he could die out there, ever hear of Reggie Lewis? He might want to find this out himself, you know, for those pesky health reasons. But if he fails he won't get his millions of dollars he wants. So he doesn't take the DNA test. So he is still a restricted free agent and any team that is interested in him will have no idea if he has a chance of dying out on the court within the next few years. Oh, by the way, if he failed the test, the Bulls would've paid him $400,000 a year for the next 50 years. That's $20 million.

But Curry still wants to play and thinks he can find a team that wants him, no (DNA) questions asked. (For the record, this guy was a flaky sign before the heart stuff, he's underperformed his entire career. He's been overweight and he didn't show signs to warrent his #2 overall draft selection this last season, his contract year). What team could possibly be so dumb to take this guy?

You guessed it, Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks. Of course, they are a gonna trade for a guy who has severe healthy issues. I mean, why not? Whats the worst that could happen?

Zeke, these aren't bad knees we're talking about here. This is a fuckin HEART PROBLEM! Wow.


Delightful, as always, but I'd like to address a point.
I think the best thing I've heard about the Patriots in a long time comes from Phil Simms. "Maybe it's just a reflection of society, but everyone's looking for a reason why the Patriots won't repeat. Fans want to move on and see what's next. I speak to fans in airports and other places and they have actually expressed to me that they are 'tired' of the Patriots. OK, so you're tired of good sportsmanship? Tired of players who handle themselves well in the press? Tired of a team overcoming injuries and other obstacles? It makes you wonder.'' Amen, brother.

No, it doesn't. We get it. The Patriots are good. Fans aren't sick of good players or teams overcoming obstacles. It's just that there are other stoires out there. To make a prime time sitcom analogy, the Patriots are the Ramon to the rest of the leauges Robert at this point. They're the best team out there, and since reporters finally have a good story/team to talk (instead of TO or Leonard Little drunk driving or whatever) they run with it. The same thing happens with Brett Favre. Everyone loves these guys.


This doesn't meant that these guys are perfect. Tom Brady throws a pass from his ass (completes it) and everyone is saying how heads up the guy is. If Jake Plummer pulled that shit (and completed it) everyone would've been talking about how risky it was. And they'd be right, it'd be a dumb pass to attempt. The Pats draft a guy in the first round and no one knows who he is and everyone seems okay with that. Oh, good, they used a first round pick on someone know one has heard of, well Belicheck is a genius, so lets go with it. No one questions it.

I alawys hear about how the Pats are just so classy. Just good character guys. But more than a couple Patriot players mocked the Eagles 'wing dance' thing in the Super Bowl last year. If Randy Moss pulled a stunt like that then Joe Buck's head would explode. And I'm pretty sure that if I hear how Patriots don't have positions, that they're just made up of football players, mine would too.

It's the same with Favre. He throws a pass when he's well past the line of scrimage and the announcers just laugh. Oh that Brett Favre, he's such a competitor. Gee fuckin wizz. Golly, he sure is having fun out there. OR Holy shit, what was he thinking?! The guy throws for a ton of INTs a year, he throws some of the most mind boggling passes you'll ever see. Is he a great quarterback? Of course! Is he perfect? Of course not! But you'd never know it from the way the media loves the guy.

The point is we aren't all Patriots fans (or Packer fans) and just because they're good doesn't mean we all give a rats ass. Should they be the top story most of the time? Yes. But aren't the only good guys in the NFL. It's become over kill, it's become 'Craig Krenzel is a molecular genetics major'. Or that' Hines Ward is underrated'. We get it.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Does it matter?

Billmon asks if the GOP corruption scandals really matter?

I believe they do matter, but then again, I may be putting more faith in people. Either way, a very interesting discussion.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Broken Lizard Movie

Called Nutcracker. You will see this movie. And laugh. And then complain it's not as good as Super Troopers. But I'll like it. And that is what matters.

Kevin Smith responds to message boards

I guess what happened is AICN had a post about Clerks2 and Smith read it (cause he's a internet dork too) and chose to respond post by post, hilarity ensued.


*Standing Ovation*

And not in a sarcastic way. This season was awesome. Yea, I'm disapointed now too, it was kind of a anti-climatic way to end the year... but... what a year? This team played great and players grew before our eyes.

You can see the team making steps. Last year they got within 1 game of the Twins in August, and lost the next 10 or so. This year they got in the race and did amazingly well for 3/4's of September. The Indians success overshadowed the Yanks revival in my opinion. Cause the Tribe kept winning games... and never built a lead on the Yanks.

The Tribe just ran out of gas at the end, they couldn't sustain the pace they had set. Also, besides today, all the latest losses were 1 run games. The first two Sox games, the Devil Ray series and the final game vs the Royals.

In many ways, Grady dropping that fly ball in the final KC game was the turning point of the year. They could've finished off a four game sweep, could've kept the momentum going, instead their star wunderkid makes a crucial error and some doubt creeps into the team. After that loss they weren't the same.

Did they choke at the end of the year? You can probably say that. I think they just ran out of gas. Having sub-par 1st basmen and right field really hurt them. Hafner can't carry the team all the time. Victor, Peralta and Grady were too streaky this year, but that's to be expected; their young. But having the Broussard/Herandez combo at first and Casey Blake at RF didn't give them much hitting at two primo hitting spots. Those positions are supposed to be the rocks of your lineup and they were the bottom third of the Indians.

But whatever, good year. No, great year. They played games that mattered in October (sure not the playoffs, but still). What more can you ask?

There's no shame in losing out to two teams who double your payroll.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


This column is from when I wrote for the Lantern here at OSU. It's about the Bush administration paying journalists. I called it propaganda. But apparently it wasn't the Bush administration writing propaganda, it was me:
It seems to me your obvious political bias prevented you from writing a wider-ranging piece on government-funded advertising today, and instead we get another liberal rehashing of the Armstrong Williams story. First, it's not the government with the ethical duty to keep their political motivations separate from their commitment to objectivity: it's the media, and Williams and any other govt-paid columnists are solely at fault here for violating their profession's unwritten rules. The Bush admin is free to offer cash to anyone to push their policy; it's up the ethical journalist to refuse that cash. Our government pays billions of dollars each year to advertise to us, and that should outrage you more than a one-time payment to an obscure columnist (I know who Williams is, but most people don't). Think about the presumption and arrogance of our government to take our tax dollars, then turn around and TELL US not to smoke (Stand) or use drugs (USNDPC). Isn't that also propaganda (to which you are so opposed)? And since Webster doesn't require governmental backing in defining 'propaganda', isn't your column too?

Ignore the dumb arguments (the gov can be as dirty as they want, it's up to the media not to take their money) and just notice the fact that he disagrees. Like, this is okay? People taking money without disclosing their ties to the administration? Really?

Well, anyways, turns out I wasn't the only one who thought that it was propaganda (hint, a federal agency thought so too).