Monday, January 31, 2005

Simmons Super Blog

"You know, I just realized, I've never seen them in person before, the Clippers are always the first tickets I give away every season." And this is coming from a guy who's had season tickets for the Celtics for 30 years

Monday Morning QB

Peter King's Monday Morning QB column has a great story on former Ram Jack Youngblood playing 2 1/2 playoff games on a broken leg. I'm going to agree with Peter and state the obvious: TO is playing on Sunday.

Cavs w/out LeBron

The Cavaliers won w/LeBron yesterday, Gooden played well (he always seems to have really good games or really terrible games, no inbetween) and so did Z. Terry Pluto has a nice column on the Cavs playing better witout LBJ. Pluto makes a good point about Paul Silas, he needs to shut his mouth when asked how the team can do with out James. James goes down and Paul says "I saw a lot of losses coming" I apreciate the honestly, but good way to inspire some much needed confidence in the rest of the team.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Browns Coach

Looks like the Browns are going to hire Romeo Crennel. All they need to do now is to draft Charlie Fry and my Madden Dynasty will become reality.

Michael Redd

If you're a Cavalier fan and you've been following the team at all, you know how much they're lacking in 3 point shooting. Our starting shooting guard, Ira Newble, can't shoot and though I like the back up, Lucious Harris, he's had an off year. The team still needs some work and this is a huge offseason coming up, another Boozer-gate and we'll risk losing James. Heres my best case scenario for this offseason: listen to James and resign Z. Resign J-Mac and then sign Michael Redd.

Redd would be a perfect fit for this team, he's young, he's from Ohio and oh yea, he shoots the ball pretty damn well. Having a starting five of McInnis, Redd, James, Gooden and Z wouldn't be too bad. Have Snow, Jackson/Wagner/Sasha, Tractor/Varejao and Harris/Newble coming off the bench, that'd be a team that would win the East. Redd would get tons of open shots (all the ones Newble misses) from the doubles James and Z draw (Z's been making some nice passes lately, he finally starting to trust his teammates- Thanks Ricky Davis).

But for now, we still got Newble.

Dajuan Wagner

Newest Sports Guy reader article, and its got this great question:

Q: Has Dajuan Wagner strung together the most inexplicable string of injuries in the history of sports? He missed 14 games his rookie year with a bladder infection, had an inflamed liver and pancreas last season, and now he has an inflamed large intestine. Have you ever seen anything like this? He's a 20-something kid with the body of an 80-year old.
--Marcus, Baltimore, MD

SG: Yeah, is he contagious? I feel like the league should step in and force Cleveland to trade him so he doesn't infect LeBron somehow -- he's like the NBA's version of the "Real World" roommate who came down with Scabies.

I feel bad for Wagner, I had high hopes for him in Cleveland. I especially thought getting Lebron would help him out. Juanny is more of a 2 in a PG body, and you could've played Lebron as a big 1 with Wags as the scoring guard. Wagners career hasn't really started yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if you see him scoring points for a team like Memphis or Dallas next year.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dan Marino

Saw an interesting story today from the AP (through about Dan Marino regrets on never winning a superbowl.

Marino has been in the news recently, mostly about never winning a Super Bowl. Is he a great quarterback even though he didn't win one? yea. But is his career diminished (as is Sanders, Bonds, Griffey Jr, Barkley, Malone and Stockton, Ewing, Manning)? yea. But they are still great players.

Do I think Tom Brady is a damn good qb? hell yes, but would I rather have Manning than Brady? possibly. You tell me if the Colts traded Manning straight up for Brady, that the Colts would now be beating Pats? Or what if late in Marino's career the Dolphins drafted Terrell Davis instead of the Broncos? Does John Elway go down as never winning the Big One and Marino goes out on top?

Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) can sometimes come off as anti-Manning (he is a Pats fan) and his argument is basically, championships are the barometer to measure players, and the guy with more titles is better.

And he's right, "You play to win the game" and I do think we sometimes overrate stats, *cough* A-Rod. But Marino is still a great QB (as is Manning) would you honestly take Trent Dilfer over Marino, because Marino never won the big one? Or how about Luc Lonley over Patrick Ewing? Rick Fox over Charles Barkley?

What's Up

I just started this blog and hopefully people will find it interesting, I'll probably talk about sports and music, with a little bit (hopefully not too much) politics thrown in. Hope you enjoy.