Monday, March 28, 2005

Start of Spring Quarter

So I'm back from Spring Break and spring quarter as begun. First off I want to let ya know that the OSU Jazz Lab (which I'm in) has a concert on April 9th (that's a Saturday) and April 8th Toothpick will be playing at Little Brothers in Columbus, and there's a chance we'll have a smallish (as in just beer) party. Should be good times.

Juan Gone made the Tribe's roster (mild surprise) and Peralta won the starting shortstop job (no surprise). I would've liked Phillips to given Peralta a better run for the job, but I think they would've been okay with either guy. I sitll think Phillips could be our starting second baseman at the end of the year. The Tribe should be able to score some runs this year (like last year) and this season the bullpen is in MUCH better shape. So hopefully CC comes back healthy (for the Tribe AND for my fantasy team) and the starters can continue on the good season(s) they had last year.

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