Monday, July 02, 2007

Anderson Varejao to Memphis?

The Grizzlies are one of the teams that could be interested in the Cavalier big man and Tony Rizzo is saying (on his radio show) that Varejao has spoken with the Grizzlies.

He also was saying that they're talking $7+ million a year.

Um, I love me some Varejao, but I'm not sure I love a $7-10 million Varejao. Don't get me wrong, Andy hustles, plays well with LeBron and the fans love the guy. I'm not saying he's a bad player. But, he's raw offensively (and he doesn't seem to know it, like at the end of Game 3 in the Finals....) and I don't see him starting anytime soon (especially if the Cavs still have 'marksmen' like Larry Hughes and Eric Snow playing major minutes).

Varejao can't sign any deal until July 11th and once he does sign a deal, the Cavs have 15 days to match. Of the Cavs two restricted free agents (the other being Sasha Pavlovic), Varejao is the one that I think the Cavs can afford to let go (or maybe sign-and-trade). I like the guy, but I can't see a reason why the Cavs should pay $8 million to a guy who can't shoot (well, a third guy...)

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Erik said...

Why can't I shake this worry that the Cavs are going to take a step backward this summer? No draft picks, no cap space, and two key free agents that might (will?) get overblown contract offers because they were key players on a Finals team.

Rashard Lewis is off the market. So is Jason Kapono. Ray Allen has been traded. The Cavs won't be able to afford Chauncey Billups. It seems like the limited avenues for improving this team are drying up in a hurry.

If the Cavs lose Varejao and Pavlovic to crappy teams looking for a gate draw and are too handcuffed to adequately replace them, what happens then? I hope I'm overreacting, but something in the back of my mind won't let me dismiss the possibility.