Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It begins Wednesday

NBA free agents can start inking deals tomorrow. Will Varejao sign an offer sheet? Will the Cavs go after anyone? Is it just this guy?

Derek Fisher could be interested in Cleveland, but he could also be sign with the Knicks or Lakers.

Mo Peterson looks to be set on the Jazz. Mo Williams looked like he was resigning with the Buck, but could take less money to join the Heat(?!).

I don't know what's going on, but if a young talented point guard is taking less money to join a winner, why isn't Danny Ferry stalking this guy?

Things I'm on the look out for:

- trade rumors. I don't see the Cavs making any major moves in free agency, mostly because none of the free agents are that attractive. Plus, I'd like to see them stand pat rather than throw money at a guy simply because he's a better PG than Larry Hughes and Eric Snow.

- At this point they need to sign the right players, not simply the 'best available'. This is how Larry Hughes came into our lives.

- If the Cavs do match Varejao, be on the look out for Drew Gooden trade rumors. If Andy is making more than $8 million a year, I don't expect him to be backing up Drew Gooden.

- If Varejao gets more than $9 million a season, you let him walk. $7-8 million... meh, I'd rather not, but you're always going to overpay for quality big men. But anything over $9 million is simply insane.


Erik said...

I think the Grizzlies are going to give Andy a fat contract offer right out of the gate. They lost out on Nocioni, and all they have right now to get their fans buzzing is Mike Conley.

Whether to match Memphis' offer is going to be the most difficult decision Ferry has yet made as Cavs GM.

Here's a thought: If the Cavs decide to match a contract offer for Andy at starter's money, could they possibly trade Gooden to Phoenix for Shawn Marion or Amare Stoudemire, slide him in at center or power forward alongside Andy, and move Z to the bench? It would give the Cavs a far more athletic starting lineup and Z might be more effective in shorter bursts, especially as he gets older.

I know Z makes way too much money to come off the bench, but any way you slice it, you're going to end up with a high-salary big coming off the bench. Why not Z?

Regarding Fisher, I can't see it happening. Part of me thinks his "interest" in the Cavs is a figment of Branson Wright's imagination. And when (ahem ... LeBron, Bosh and Wade conspiring to end up with the Knicks in 2010) has that happened before?

Cleveland has world-class cancer treatment centers. But so do New York and L.A. And didn't Fisher ask out of his deal with Utah so he could concentrate on getting the best treatment for his daughter? What, outside of rampant speculation, makes anyone think Fisher is even interested in inking a deal right now?

My guess is he waits until his daughter's situation improves, sees what team needs the most help out of the Knicks, Nets and Lakers, and signs with one of them. I can't see him signing with the Cavs and willfully engaging in a playing-time battle royale with Hughes, Snow, Gibson, Brown and Jones (if he's still here) just because we have the Cleveland Clinic here.

Ben said...

If Gooden can turn into Shawn Marion, I'm all for it.

I don't mind Z coming off the bench, and I'm not sure how much he'd mind as well, as long as he's being used correctly (not a given, considering the coach...)

I don't see Fisher landing here either. I honestly don't see anyone of significance landing here until some of the current contracts are taken care of.