Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't Tell Bill Livingston

I've said it before and I'll say it again, people love slamming infants through hoops:
Live from New York, it's LeBron!

Cavaliers All-Star forward LeBron James, fresh off co-hosting the ESPY Awards earlier this month, will host the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live in September, an NBC spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

Livingston will probably get a weeks worth of columns out of this.

(and honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I definitely enjoy the fact that someone from the Cleveland Cavaliers is hosting SNL. That is neat. However, I'd like to more news reports of intensive free throw and post move workouts. But hosting SNL only takes up a week and it's not like he's doing it in the season. And it's probably less work/less tiring than the USA basketball stuff he has to do)


Hornless Rhino said...

I have long been an outspoken opponent of NBA players dunking children under the age of two on nationally televised cable programs. However, now that I know that Bill Livingston shares that view, I may have to rethink my position.

Livingston's most recent column has inspired me to apply for a position as a columnist with The Plain Dealer. In support of my application, I intend to submit a column in which I fearlessly oppose cancer and slavery. Let the consequences of my controversial positions be damned--I'm all about the First Amendment.

You may send my Pulitzer to my home address.

Ben said...

I'm also against the eating of children (on television or not).

However, I'd prefer them to stay off my lawn.

Erik said...

It's a kind of "well, duh" stand to take. Mocking child abuse is bad.

But if you channel your thought process into the PD's editorial board, it probably goes something like this:

"We need to be hard-hitting and objective. We need to show everyone that just because LeBron James is the greatest athlete in Cleveland in 40 years, we can still take him to task when need be.

"So, uh, take THAT, Mr. James! You're no Angelina Jolie! Ohhh, SNAP!"

Coming up next, we criticize the Browns for being the only team in the NFL without a helmet logo.

Erik said...

By the by ... is a post on Brian Windhorst's latest blog offering in the works?

Apparently, LeBron and Stephon Marbury have a little feud going, dating back to the regular season when LeBron insinuated that Marbury's Starbury shoe line is low-quality.

It's easy to dismiss Marbury as jealous, until you realize a couple of the points Windhorst made are true.

Public appearances in NE Ohio this offseason: Stephon Marbury 2, President of the United States 1, LeBron James 0. And his charity bike ride has been cancelled due to time constraints.