Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Thought

While listening to the new Marc Broussard album, I began thinking about former Indian Ben Broussard.

You know what I'm going to miss about him? Ben's yearly late season grand slam that helps the Tribe win a big game which makes us all think "Yah, he's been so-so all year, but he just hit that huge clutch HR... I know he doesn't have power numbers to justify a starting job, but maybe this slam is the first sign of him 'getting it'" Then Broussard would proceed to put up mediocre numbers for another season and right when we're about to get sick of him... BAM! He hits another huge clutch HR late in the year...

(this is my second favorite 'Indian home run trend' after Kenny Lofton's "HR to lead off the game followed by Kenny swinging for the fences his next 4 ABs" Good times...)

All that being said, me gusta Ryan Garko


Drew said...

Do you happen to remember a 2005 game against the Yankees where Broussard homered to start off a rally around the 5th inning or so? At the time, I was an intern with WTAM, and was sitting up in the press box with Mark Schwab and Kevin Keane. Early in the game, it says up on the scoreboard "Ben has a degree in nursing from McNeese State University." Seeing this, Schwab gets on the phone to the woman who does the scoreboard blurbs asking why the hell they would put something like that: "For Chrissakes, he already has no power, why not give the opposing team even MORE ammo to use against him?! Jesus, put something like, I don't know, he likes to eat cheeseburgers or something!"

So in Ben's next at-bat, for a moment on the scoreboard it says "Ben likes to eat cheeseburgers." So of course we're laughing our asses off and Schwabby says "I guarantee you, he hits a home run now." And I'll be damned, a 2-1 count and Broussard deposits a Mussina pitch over the fence in right, starting off a rally that put the Tribe ahead for good.

Ben said...

awesome. All I know, whenever I was about to write the guy off, he'd come up with a HUGE hr.

First basemen with no power. Male nurse. professional dog walker. vegan.