Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Buried in this Braylon Edwards/nightclub fight article:

The incident nearly turned into a brawl. Givens' friends came to his defense and several Browns players, who were with Edwards, threw punches to defend themselves, a witness said. Police quelled the ruckus after pointing Tasers at the combatants.

A Cavaliers player drove Edwards away from the club, the witness said.

Givens is a close friend of Cavaliers star LeBron James. Edwards bad-mouthed James and some of his friends before tossing the punch, Givens said.

James criticized Edwards Monday and called him childish for striking Givens.

Does Mr. Dropsies McMichigan want to get run out of town? He's already on thin ice with his attitude and his lack of performance on the field, but picking a fight with LeBron's crew? Really dude?

And which Cavalier took Braylon home? Who was he hanging out with?


The Other Ben said...

"Dropsies McMichigan" - wow, chocolate milk literally just painted my flat panel. +100 interwebs, Ben.

LargeBill said...

The Browns just traded BE to NJJ to ensure James doesn't go to New York in free agency.