Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did you forget you were rooting for a Cleveland team?

Seriously? Freaking swine flu?

James and two Cleveland teammates have tested positive for Influenza A, and are being treated as if they have the H1N1 virus by the Cavaliers, who are being proactive in dealing with a flu bug that already has sickened six players.

H1N1, also known as swine flu, is a strain of Influenza A, and though the Cavaliers have not gotten back H1N1 test results on James, Darnell Jackson or Coby Karl, the team is treating all its players and the traveling party to Texas with medication to fight the virus.

God dammit.


Erik said...

Invoking TCE is a bit premature here. The U of FLA football team had a flu outbreak last month.

Germ experts are predicting that this is going to be a severe flu season. Swine flu has already gone pandemic. I'm thinking that there are going to be a number of pro and college basketball teams that have flu outbreaks this winter. Some games might even get postponed for lack of healthy players.

It's just the product of having a bunch of guys sharing close quarters, travelling around a lot and swapping sweat/saliva/blood in practices and games.

Like LBJ said, better this happens now than when the games start to count.

Ben said...

heh. I know. Kust that seeing a Windhorst tweet about swine flu just got me going.

You think this is the year Cavs fans? You excited? Boom! Swine flu!