Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Giving Thanks

I'd like to thank the Browns for doing their part in keeping LeBron away from NYC by trading Mr. Dropsies McMichigan:
In the clearest demonstration yet that it's Eric Mangini's way or the highway, the Cleveland Browns traded receiver Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets today.
Also, many thanks to Eric Mangini for making it OK to hate on Braylon Edwards with no remorse. Edwards always made it hard to get behind him 100% (with his drops, attitude and the 'they hate me because I'm from M*ch*g*n" routine). But now that he's in New York I can hate away.

And finally, I'd like to thank both the Browns and the Tribe for being so horrifically bad that they could end up guilting LeBron into staying, lest he leave Cleveland fans with no competetive franchise.

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Steve K said...

I agree with you that Braylon did use the whole "They hate me because I am from (that state up North). If he would have just done his job and caught a football then maybe he would not have been hated and stayed on the team. Well maybe punching the King's friend would have hurt his rep just a little.