Monday, October 12, 2009

Preseason Game 3

Some quick thoughts of the Cavs preseason victory (3-0! whoo!!) over Olympiacos.

- No Delonte (excused absence), no Mo (groin) and no Moon (wisdom teeth), but it didn't matter, Olympiacos was simply over matched. The game wasn't even as close as the 111-94 final.

- I have NOT missed Fred and Austin.

- With Williams missing the game due to a sore groin, Boobie Gibson got to play point guard for the bulk of the game.

- The Cavs need a backup point guard to Mo Williams.

- Gibson wasn't awful, but the guy cannot pass the ball with any degree of accuracy. He can't throw a lob pass, he can't hit the cutter and he can't (for the life of him) throw an entry pass. His shooting was fine (his shot looks smooth and pure) but his ball handling skills are still sub par.

- Anthony Parker brings a different look to the offensive end. He's far and away the best catch and shoot player the Cavs have had in about a decade and he also showed off a couple moves on the block. Parker gives the Cavs a an extra dimension on offensive, being able to come of screens as well as post up smaller guards. He's also very smart, he spaces the floor well, move well with out the ball and makes the right pass more often than not.

- LeBron is good. And got away with a goal tend.

- Shaq looks to be moving well and 'soared' through the air a few times to dunk the ball (LeBron feeds him well).

- Coby Karl is bustin his ass to make this squad. Which would be fun. The Cavs need a token white guard to run around and hit 3s. Karl had 10 points, 3 boards and 3 assists.

- Now Andre Barrett is a Point Guard. It's no accident that he recorded two more assists than Boobie in 10 less minutes on the court. He fed both J.J. Hickson and Zydrunas with beautiful entry passes and he actually puts the ball where the receiving player can do something with it.


Anonymous said...

so what are you saying, trade boobie for a back-up point guard???

Ben said...

we'll see what they do once Delonte comes back. All I'm saying is, they have one Point Guard on their roster and his name is Mo Williams. There are no other Point Guards on this team, the rest are combo guards

Anonymous said...

delonte was a point guard in both boston and seattle, wasn't he??? why can't he be the back-up here then??? i mean i would just as soon see anthony parker be the starting 2-guard and then form a rotation of mo, parker & brother redz like what the detroit "bad boys" had with isiah, joe dumars and vinnie "the microwave" johnson back in the 80's. all 3 guys were interchangeable and it didn't much matter if they were at point guard or shooting guard, they were just "guards". while isiah played most of the point guard minutes, joe d did his fair share of distributing the ball. by the way, who was the point guard for the chicago bulls in the 80's & 90's??? did it even matter with michael jordan on the team??? it's the same thing with lebron now. if you ask me, it's better to be a "catch-and-shoot" guy with lebron around. speaking of which, i think anthony parker is going to have his best year ever in the nba. he is probably the best catch-and-shoot guy that they've had since, oh i don't know, jason kapono maybe??? i am certainly looking forward to this season. go cavs!!!

Ben said...

Can Delonte play point guard? Yes. But when you get down to it, he's a combo guard.

the only pure PG on the roster is Mo.

Anonymous said...

.....................nice ^_^v..............