Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scott Raab does not Speak for Cleveland Fans

Really? I certainly don't need this drivel:

As far as I'm concerned, LeBron James is worthless scum. The sooner this son of a bitch hauls his ass out of Ohio, the better. And any Cleveland "fan" who pays to see the bastard play after this should follow him out of town and straight to hell.
Wow, that is mighty dumb. Not Bill Simmons dumb,("My initial conclusion was this: Because the Cavaliers haven't yet signed Anderson Varejao or Sasha Pavlovic, the hat was LeBron's way of telling his front office, "Thanks for sticking me with another lousy supporting cast. I'm signing with the Knicks in three years." " Makes sense to me, the Cavs have no supporting cast, so I'm going to go to the team with a bloated payroll and no cohesion. Oh, logic...) but still, pretty God damned dumb.

And the thing is, I have the exact opposite reaction. If you're a "fan" who loves Cleveland sports and gets his panties in a bunch because a 22 year old basketball superstar roots for the wrong baseball team, fuck off and die. Look, I know Cleveland fans are moody, fickle and oversensitive but dear lord, shut the fuck up.

This is a kid who revitalized the Cavaliers, is one of the 5 best players in the world (who works his ass off) and you want him run out of town because he had the gall to wear a baseball cap you don't approve of? Who the fuck are you?

And did you see the Yankees (or Red Sox) games that were played at the Jake this year? Let's just say that LeBron isn't the only Northeast Ohio resident who prefers the Bronx Bombers.

This is so ridiculous. Because LeBron wore a Yankees cap, we Bill Simmons loudly crowing that James is going to go to the Knicks and some asshole is Esquire is telling him to not let to door hit him on his way out. What the hell is wrong with you people?

I can't wait for the ALCS to start so we can get past this inane bullshit (and I'll be able to get pissed at Simmons not for having no clue about the Cavs, but for having no clue about the Tribe).


Anonymous said...

This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. LeBron likes the Yankees, so what? He overdid it with the hat and all, but TBS put him on TV. As long as he plays for the Cavs he has me cheering for him. My dad led me to the Indians, Browns and Cavs, and I am doing the same with my kids, even though the Browns make it very hard. LeBron didn't have the guidance. It that makes people think he is a traitor they need to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. LeBron is scum. the sooner we keel-haul his ass out of town, the sooner the Cavs can go back to being 30-52 afterthoughts every year.

But at least we'll have loyal players who won't show up at Cleveleand games wearing the other team's hat.

No, wait, we'll still have Donyell Marshall. Curiously, no one really seems to give a damn that he's a Steelers fan.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree, the esquire thing is crap. He likes the yankees, get over it. It's the same way Browns fans gave Braylon crap 'cause he's from Michigan. Now he's playing good, did the OH-IO thing, which will piss off alot of the Wolverines. The Cleveland Media has been talking about that for two weeks.

Have to say though, not that I love Simmons, but if you read the rest of that article, that's not the point he's making. He said that was his initial thought, but he changed his mind, and thinks he really just a Yankee fan and didn't do the PC thing, being noncommittal / pulling for the Tribe.

Ben said...

I know he went into the whole 'an athlete shows is true colors!' bit later on, but the caption for picture still has the 'i'm leaving' crap (also, I wanted to point out that his first thought was: "OMG LeBron is leaving for the Knicks." The same shit he's been pushing for years now).

Hornless Rhino said...

I was a more annoyed with LeBron than you were, mainly because I thought he was a little over the top in his public display of affection for the Yankees.

Given what LeBron means to this town, I think the mugging in front of the cameras showed poor judgment from a guy who ordinarily shows an abundance of good judgment.

Since LeBron made himself scarce after Game 1, and publicly congratulated the Tribe after the ALDS, I think he may reached the same conclusion.

Still, LeBron's little public relations blunder doesn't come close to justifying the sheer insanity of Scott Raab's rant. The man has some serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Scott Raab is an idiot and an asshole.