Monday, February 25, 2008

Really? On my birthday? Awesome.

I'll be concerned in two years. Until then, please shut the fuck up. Look at what's happened in the NBA over the last month. How can anyone even speculate what the league will look like in 2010.

It never ends.


Anonymous said...

The first thing to remember about Yahoo, and MSN, and any other Internet "home" pages, is that if it's celeb gossip, they're all over it.

Lindesy Lohan's drug problems, Britney Spears pumping out redneck offspring, Jay-Z and LeBron conspiring to rule New York in 2010, that's news.

Stories concerning icky non-celeb stuff like who is going to be the leader of the free world next year gets push down the page in small type. Unless, of course, it has to do with Hillary making catty comments about Obama's platform. That will go right to the top of the page because that's juicy and gossipy.

I, for one, think it's very troubling that these so-called mainstream media outlets lean so heavily on celebrity gossip. You can't turn on Headline News and watch for 15 minutes without seeing something like "LOHAN'S REHAB: WILL SHE EVER MAKE IT BACK?" Flip on Fox News, and there is the same story complete with a roundtable discussion.

I guess that gets viewers, but with so many more pressing issues to analyze, it sure seems like mainstream media is whoring themselves out for this crap in the name of viewership and advertising dollars.

I mean, they don't touch sports because ESPN has it covered. Why can't they let channels like E! and Style handle the celebrity gossip?

Ben said...

Oh, I know these sites are full shit, I just like pointing out the unfairness from the Cleveland view.

I quite enjoy Yahoo!'s dating tips. It's fully of ridiculous stereotypes and shallow self help.

Though it's not as bad as customer service video I watched the other day (all the 'angry customers' happened to be black. and the customer complaining about prices? Jewish).