Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Best

"Wham with the right hand!"
"Ehlo in to Daugherty, Daugherty back to Ehlo, three in the's good!!!!"
"Kerr takes the ball over the time line, into the front court on the right wing"
"Line to the left... sights it...shoots it..."
"What now?"
"LeBron James, three baaall.... got it!"

Have you ever listened to a basketball game on the radio that wasn't called by Joe Tait?

It sucks. I have no idea where the ball is, where the shot is coming from or what is really going on besides who made the last basket. But then again, maybe I've been spoiled.

Joe Tait will be calling his 3,000th Cavaliers game when the Cavs face the Hornets tonight. For a franchise that hasn't been the model of stability, the fact that Tait has been here for all these (bad) seasons speaks volumes.

It's a shame that the Cavs have stunk for so many years, because Tait doesn't get the recognition he rightfully deserves. He's one of the best NBA announcers ever. Period. Growing up, we used to routinely turn down the TV broadcasts (especially NBC and especially when they faced Jordan and the Bulls) and turn on Tait (which is something I can't do anymore... I often watch the games via Tivo, but even when I watch them live I can't sync up the radio because of the delays from the satellite).

This guy is a Cleveland treasure and he's definitely the best of the all the local announcers (I like the Tribe's Tom Hamilton, but he's not Tait's level. Plus, I get kinda annoyed when Hamilton makes a lazy fly ball seem like it just missed leaving the park).

So tonight is Tait's 3,000th Cavs game. Do yourself a favor and turn off the TV just for a little while and listen to Tait (AM 1100 in Cleveland or you can listen online). It's remarkable how much you don't miss when Joe is calling the game. And if you can get the radio and TV to sync up.... you have no idea how jealous I am.

Terry Pluto has more on Tait.

"Have a good night everybody"


Anonymous said...

Picked this game out of thin air when offered free tickets a while ago. And now it turns out to be the possible return of Boobie, Joe's anniversary and the LeBron/Paul show. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

.....................nice ^_^v..............