Wednesday, July 16, 2008

But for how much?

Future ESPN rumor: Daniel Gibson will demand to be traded to the Nets in 2011.

LeBron's little brother just inked a 5 year deal (3 years past 2010) with the Cavaliers. This is good news for multiple reasons, A) Gibson is one of the only non-LeBron Cavaliers that has major cojones and moxie B) it happened early in the offseason, so Gibson will be in training camp and C) he's tight with James (which never hurts).

Now all I want to know is how much of Gilbert's money Danny Ferry just spent. Was it the MLE? Was it simply Bird Rights and they went (more) over the cap? Do they have stuff left over to go after Josh Childress or C.J. Miles? Can they still take a flier on Shaun Livingston (which I really really really really really want to happen)?

Details please.


Anonymous said...

Christ, if we could get Livingston on the court with Lebron, Z, Boobie, and insert 2nd scorer here, wow. Of course that all depends on if Livingston is near 100% after that grusome injury he suffored. One of the most terrible things I have ever watched. I wish there was more out there on the trade front. Im really eager to see what roster moves Ferry makes.

Ben said... is saying 5 years, $27.5 mil. which is kinda expensive, but pretty good overall.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a link for you, but I read not long ago that Livingston was let go by the Clippers because his knee could not withstand consecutive games at this point, and needed pretty significant rehab after each. LA essentially wanted to keep him, but his knee is so bad that they just couldn't do it.

Ben said...

PD says Boobie's deal is 5 years, 20.5 mil, which is freaking awesome.

I saw a report that said Livingston was dunking the ball in practice. And when I say I want them to sign Livingston, I don't expect him to contribute any time soon, I just want them to see if at some point down the road if he can be effective.

Ben said...

The Suns are looking Livingston:

The Suns are also keeping tabs on ex-Clipper Shaun Livingston, who hasn't played since suffering a horrific left knee injury in February 2007. He was cleared to resume basketball activities last month but is still not ready to play. As a result, the Suns wouldn't sign Livingston with the expectation that he back up Nash, but more as a deeper bench player as he continues his comeback.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how the Boobie contract will affect the Delonte West negotiations. West will almost assuredly want more than Gibson, and from what I've gathered from the scant nuggets of news available with Windy in sick bay, the West negotiations promise to be a lot bumpier than Gibson's.

I'm starting to get the feeling that if Ferry makes a major move this summer, it won't be an addition, it will be a replacement for a subtraction. If the Cavs bring in a PG along the lines of Ray Felton, it's probably a sign that the West negotiations have stalled or that he's on the verge of signing an offer sheet Ferry doesn't want to match.

If you're still counting on that blockbuster addition, Cavs fans, you might as well get your Ferry-shredding utensils sharpened and ready right now. I think the roster you see is pretty much the roster you're going to get at the outset of training camp. Maybe a few alterations here and there (I can't see Damon Jones still being a part of this team at the start of the season) but Redd, Carter, etc., ain't happening -- at least during the offseason.

Anonymous said...

I've heard West wants something close to the MLE, which is a nice chunk more than what Gibson. My problem is that I'm struggling to see how Delonte can think he should get more than Boobie. West is a nice player coming off the bench, but he's not really a starting PG - at least not yet. There really is nothing to speak of that Delonte is REALLY good at. On top of that, he's never really done anything in the league to speak of until he played next to LeBron James, who essentially carried the team through the playoffs. At least Gibson has come up big in crunch time and is one of the best in the league from three point land.

I like West, but I'd have no problem watching him walk if demands any more than what he's worth. If the Warriors won't to overpay, then so be it. The only issue is that we wouldn't have a PG if he left, but even then I don't think it's worth overpaying for West.

Ben said...

Ray Felton > Delonte West.

I'd love picking up Felton, especially if it doesn't hamper a further move down the road (ala Carter/Redd). Mid-season may be the best time for the Cavs to deal (with all their expirings).

I read a rumor about Ron Artest... thanks, but I'll pass. Especially since Sactown wants to include Kenny Thomas as part of the deal. Taking on a crazy person AND adding salary is no way to go through life, son.

Hickson had another solid Summer League performance, so I'm more and more willing to put Varejao in any deal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i'd take Felton over West. I'm just not sure what it would cost. Maybe an expiring and a future 1st rounder?

Agree on Artest - he's nuts, which is why the Kings want to get rid of him even though he has a reasonable contract. He blows up here, you can essentially forget about LeBron re-upping. He really could help you win a title though if he stays sane...which is unlikely.

AV is gone as soon as they find the right deal, plain and simple. Hickson will be able to fill his shoes soon, as long as he plays hard.

Anonymous said...

I think this was brought up somewhere else before, but what about a Ray Felton/Jason Richardson package from the Bobcats? Richardson is signed for three more years, and is Charlotte's only eight-figure player as of now.

Of course, now that they have Larry Brown calling the shots, Charlotte is probably looking to do what Atlanta and Philly did last year and become the perennial dreg that squeaks into a playoff spot and earns "up and coming" status. It's not likely they'll want to trade their best wing player right now.

Maybe this is another trade that could appear on the radar if Charlotte doesn't live up to the self-imposed hype by February.

gacox4484 said...

I just read on that
a. the cavs are interested in Devean George.
b. no one has contacted J.R. Smith

I wouldn't be opposed to either of them, however I wouldn't want George for any sort of long term deal.

Smith is restricted, which makes it hard, but why haven't the Cavs at least contacted the guy? He is an athletic swing man who is only 22 and shot 40% from 3's last year. We have a big hole when it comes to 2 guards who are taller and athletic and can create their own shots.

Ben said...

I'd LOVE Smith, I think he's exactly the type of player that I think the Cavs should target:

He's young, he's athletic and he doesn't play defense. I think Brown can get anyone (like Sasha Pavlovic and Zydrunas) to D-up, especially when he has LeBron leading by example. Having LeBron as the alpha-dog (as opposed to AI) and having Mike Brown (as opposed to George Karl) could be the thing that Smith needs.

I want the Cavs to go after guys known for their offense.

George... meh. I always hated him on the Lakers, but I think he could help. But they can't give him a deal for more than 2 years (maybe a club option for the 3rd). But even then, where does George fit? Simply as the backup SF?

gacox4484 said...

Whats wrong with giving the Mid-level exception to J.R.? Hes most likely not going to get anything higher from anybody, he'll get more shots since he won't be with AI and Melo. He think he would be the starter and it'd make a West/Bron/J.R./Wallace/Z starting 5 with Boobie/Wally/Sasha/Andy/JoeSmith/Hickson filling out the bench.

Even if Denver wants something in return, i'd be down with giving them Jones or other expiring contracts or 2nd rounder (not Wally or Andy).

Ben said...

i'd let go of andy

Anonymous said...

The problem with JR is he's a basketball moron, who really doesn't understand the game at all. I'd still be very interested if I was Ferry because we have such a gaping hole there. But it is a pretty risky sign, esp if it's a long contract. On the flip side, maybe LeBron can get him to focus more (I don't think AI or Melo are very good at that).

Something must be up with JR that we aren't privy to - very strange that not one team is hounding him.