Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paying attention, Chris Grant?

This is exactly the type of trade the Cavs should be pursuing:
The New Jersey Nets traded Terrence Williams to the Houston Rockets in a three-way deal that will land them Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and a pair of first-round draft picks, the Nets announced on Wednesday.
The Lakers will receive Nets veteran power forward Joe Smith, two second-round picks from New Jersey and the draft rights to Sergei Lishchuk from the Rockets.
Trade a talented, but troubled young player, pick up some crap and a couple of picks. Bingo. 

It's my opinion that the Cavs have to be stockpiling draft picks. Trade whoever you want, just as long as you get a first round pick from someone.  The Nets dumped Terrence Williams in a 3 team trade and got firsts from both teams. 

Also, let's welcome Joe Smith to a new team, which I believe is his 12th.  Well done, Joe.  Let's hope the Lakers turn around and deal him at the deadline to team number 13. 

Oh, by the way, the Heat are favored by just 17 over the Cavaliers tonight in Miami. Seems a bit low. 17 sounds right if the Cavs were still, you know, trying. The Heat sent the Cavs into this free fall (and haven't lost since) and I don't see the Cavs snapping out of it tonight. 


Erik said...

Trouble is, Andy, Mo and Twan all have hideous contracts.

I don't know if you're going to be able to convince a team to take one of those 500-pound gorillas (the contracts, not the players) off your back AND still give you a first-rounder to boot.

If Grant can just get expiring contracts for any of those three, he'll be doing good.

Ben said...

The thing is, the Cavs don't need expiring contracts. Which free agent are they luring to Cleveland? They'll have give 1st player money to a 2nd player. They need to overpay.

I'm less concerned about cap space than I am lack of young talent.

and these contracts aren't completely horrendous. Andy is owed roughly $8 million per year for the next 3 years then has 14/15 unguaranteed at $10 million. Mo "only" makes $8.5 over the next two.

Plus, every player on this roster is a "change of scenery" guy IMO. This entire seasons is tainted and the franchise just has to purge everyone from the LeBron era.

J.J. is the guy most similar to Williams anyways. You need to get multiple picks if you deal J.J.

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