Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Frye's Fault

Actually, I don't really believe that. But Bill Livingston seems to. The Hornless Rhino finds fault with the Browns management for not giving Frye a veteran back up (I concur). But I must say I disagree with this part:
You'd have thought that the overwhelming success of the Browns' efforts to destroy Tim Couch would've taught this organization how not to handle young QBs, but apparently that's a lesson that each new regime has to learn on its own.
I say that the Browns have learned. With Couch, they had a pocket passer and didn't give him an offensive line. Big mistake, a pocket passer could really benefit from an O-line. The drafting of Frye showed that they learned from their past mistakes. See, Frye is more of a scrambler. Scramblers don't need lines. Cause they scramble.

The more you know.

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