Monday, November 27, 2006

Random Thoughts From the Weekend TE (Turkey Edition)

1. The Turkey Bowl was a success once again. I want to thank everyone who came out.

2. These are some pics from the TB from this year and the last few.

3. There were a couple of guys who showed up for the game without being told to. Behold the power of the Turkey Bowl.

4. Nothing funnier than Joey Harrington going into Detroit and beating the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

5. Tony Romo looks pretty good. All of his passes seem to hit the receivers in stride.

6. Did anyone see the Broncos-Chiefs game that night? Anyone? Hell, we have NFL Network and I didn't watch it.

7. You know what cracks me up? West Virginia losing.

8. Notre Dame sucks. They played two tough teams and lost big in both games. I hate them. However, I would'ved loved to see OSU play ND. It would've been a blood bath.

9. After Michigan, Notre Dame played (in order) Michigan State, Purdue, Stanford, UCLA, Navy, North Carolina, Air Force and Army. Guess that didn't exactly prepare them for USC.

10. Can we stop the Charlie Weiss love fest? When we discuss the best college coaches, Weiss's name should not be mentioned. At some point? Maybe. But not yet.

11. Jim Tressel, however, should be mentioned.

12. This is why the BCS sucks: both USC and Michigan (and Florida) have an argument for their inclusion in the title game. Some would say that this makes the whole college football season like a playoff. No. When there are three 1-loss teams, big time football schools from power conferences, that all can legitimately say they should be in the title game, the system is flawed.

13. And the argument that "the BCS gets people talking about college football. And discussion is good" is stupid. That's like, "The Bush-Gore recount was good for democracy because it got people discussing politics. Even though the Supreme Court decided the election." No no no no.

14. OSU and Michigan dominate the Big Ten honors.

15. America's schools just can't compete.

16. Quote from Thanksgiving: "You ever watch Mind of Mencia? I love that show. He [Carlos Mencia] tells it like it is. He really makes you think"

17. Now, I've heard the words "Carlos Mencia makes" followed with "me angry", "me want to destroy my TV" and "George Lopez seem funny" but I've never heard it followed with "makes you think."

18. Makes you think? His comedy is a bunch of stereotype jokes with Mencia looking smug because he just said something "offensive". Offensive comedy is fine when it's part of something bigger. But when it's just stereotype joke after stereotype joke, it isn't edgy, it's awful.

19. Speaking of awful, how 'bout those Browns? 30-0. At home. Wow.

20. Do they just like shitting on their fans for the holidays? Last year it was a 41-0 shellacking from Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve. Now it's a 30-0 drubbing by Cincinnati on Thanksgiving weekend. Both of these losses were at home.

21. Could this be the turning point in Romeo Crennel's tenure here? The Browns looked inept
on both sides of the ball.

22. Charlie Frye had 4 INTs and a fumble. That's not good. One of the INTs was off a Hail Mary at the end of the first half. The next two were with men in his face (no excuse, just sayin') and the final one was on their last drive of the game.

23. Here's my thing with Frye... In the best case scenario with a young QB (behind a good line with a running game), you expect some mistakes. He's a young QB, he's gonna make some good plays and some bad. But with Frye, you have a young QB behind a terrible line with no running game- it's a recipe for disaster. Again, do I think Frye is definitely the guy? No. But do I think he's definitely not? Again, no.

23. The PD floats out the Brady Quinn idea. For the love of God, NO!!!! The Browns CANNOT draft a QB early in the first round next April. Not with this line and running game. Now, if the Browns want to trade down for multiple first round picks to take a lineman AND Troy Smith, I'm more than down for that.

24. Taking Smith with an early first round pick would be reaching and he'll more than likely be gone by the time the Browns pick in the second round.

25. As for Frye, I'd go into next season with him penciled in as the starter, but I'd have a back up plan (unlike this year). Hopefully the O-line and running game would be addressed by the start of next season. Both are terrible.

26. As for Crennel, I really hope they stick with him for another year. But it wouldn't shock me if he's gone. Roger Brown doesn't think Romeo will be around in 2007.

27. Speaking of Roger Brown, Sunday was his last column for the Plain Dealer *tear*. He goes out in typical Roger Brown fashion, stating that Michigan is better than Ohio State. He won't be missed.

28. We're starting to see some Baseball Hall of Fame stories. Terry Pluto says he'll vote for Omar whenever he gets the chance. Bill Livingston says McGwire is tainted and shouldn't get in. And Buster Olney says McGwire (and Sosa and Bonds) should get in.

29. Look, I think you have to vote McGwire, Sosa and Bonds in. Yes, they cheated. But you have no idea who else cheated, or which pitchers cheated. As Olney says that you either vote for the best players of that era or you vote for none at all. In the age of steroids, pick the best players. Don't pick them for their number versus the past, pick them for their numbers versus their piers.

30. Could the Cavs trade for Kevin Garnett? Obviously, I'd love them to do it, but not if leaves the Cavs with basically just James and Garnett. They could make a run like the Heat; get two stars and a bunch of veteran role players, but I'd prefer them to take the San Antonio route; build for the long term and multiple playoff runs, not just one shot.

31. I couldn't agree more.

32. After an 0-2 road trip versus Toronto and Indiana, could Mike Brown be on the hot seat? I doubt it. Should he be? Again, probably not. He's already the third coach of LeBron's short career, I'd like to see him stick around for awhile.

33. Recently, I've had some issues with Brown's offensive game plan and substitutions. I could go for less David Wesley presence (and by 'less' I mean 'no') and more of the rookies. Gibson got some playing time on the two game road trip, but didn't see the court against Philly. Brown didn't see any action on the road trip, but starte versus the Sixers. I don't get it.

34. This plays music based on your mood. It's awesome.

35. So Carlos Lee has a 6 year $100 million dollar deal and Vlad Guerrero has a 5 year $70 million deal (a short four years earlier)? Doesn't exactly make sense, does it? I had some small hopes that the Tribe would offer Lee something like 4-5 years for $60 million. But $100 million for Carlos Lee? Good luck with all that.

36. Longer than WWII you say? Hmm...

37. launched a Love site. Seriously, listen to the album. Again, if nothing else, check out 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'.

38. The Onion's take on the OSU-Michigan game.

39. This is pretty cool.

40. And this is just sick.


Erik said...

Not Brady Quinn. Not ever. And it has nothing to do with where the Browns draft.

Quinn positively sucks in big games. I gather he inspires basically nothing in his teammates. Some of the throws he made against USC, particularly in the first half, make Charlie Frye look like Johnny Unitas.

Can you imagine Quinn playing the Steelers? When would he finally go insane? Sometime between the sixth and seventh interceptions?

Erik said...

And, oh yeah, about that LeBron video...

LeBron is like Garth Algar on drums: He's ..... amazing, dude.